Little Girl Raped With Water Hose In India, Given 10 Rupees In Exchange For Her Silence

Daniel BerehulakGetty Images

A 7-year-old child was raped with a water hose in New Delhi, India, and given 10 rupees and a chocolate bar by her attacker to keep quiet, reports CNN.

The little girl was left outside her home bleeding with a towel wrapped around her waist and was found by her 26-year-old mother. Her mother, whose name was withheld, spoke to CNN about how horrific it was to find her frightened daughter.

“She was holding her stomach and she was bleeding. When I saw her blood, there was no strength left in my body. I felt that there is no life in my body and there is no ground below my feet.”

The child’s mother asked her to point out her attacker in a crowd of men crowded nearby. The 21-year-old man that the little girl identified has been arrested but no further details were given, a deputy commissioner with the Delhi Police, Meghna Yadav, commented.

The girl was reportedly in “extreme pain” after the attack, according to Swati Maliwal, chairwoman of the Delhi Commission for Women and her mother told reporters that in addition to raping her, the man also wrapped the hose around her neck and threatened her. The child underwent hours of surgery after being taken to the hospital in critical condition on Monday.

Her mother also commented that the man arrested in connection with the rape is a rag picker. She added, “He should be hanged. Life imprisonment is too small a punishment. It is nothing compared to what he has done.”

When asked if she was concerned about the lasting effects of the traumatic event on her daughter, the mother said, “She will have to forget about this…. She should just forget.”

On Thursday, the child was reportedly walking and eating and is expected to make a full recovery. Her mother relayed the messages from the doctors, writes CNN.

“They are saying that thank God that your daughter is strong…. This is the first time we have seen a girl with so much strength.”

Maliwal told reporters that she is working with colleagues on a rehabilitation plan for the girl and added, “It is very unfortunate that these rape cases are not ending in Delhi. Police resources continue to be extremely low in Delhi.”

As sexual violence towards women and young girls grows in the country, India’s Cabinet passed an executive order in April that makes rape of a girl under 12 punishable by death.