Andrew Conley, 17, deliberately kills 10-year-old brother Conner

Remorseless 17-year-old Andrew Conley calmly murdered his 10-year-old brother Conner Saturday, invoking the television serial killer Dexter in his police confession:

“I just feel like him,” Andrew said of the character.

Conley described the brutal murder to authorities without emotion. Andrew and Conner were home alone Saturday night in their rural Ohio County home, when Andrew put his younger brother in a headlock, causing the boy to lose consciousness. He reports Conner’s last words as being “Andrew, stop,” as he choked. Andrew then dragged his brother, barely breathing, into the kitchen, where he spent a further twenty minutes choking the boy until blood seeped from Conner’s mouth and nose.

Andrew then taped a plastic bag over his brother’s head, dragged the body down the stairs by his feet, and slammed the child’s head into the ground several times before stashing it in the trunk. He dumped his brother’s body amidst vegetation in a local park, where it was recovered Sunday night.

Andrew spent the remainder of the night at his girlfriend’s house, presenting her with a “sweetheart” ring. She described him as happier than he’d been in a while, and police indicate that Andrew Conley admitted fantasizing about murdering someone for many years prior to his brother’s murder.

Andrew Conley turned himself into police and is expected to be tried as an adult. Due to his age, he will not face the death penalty.