Olivia Culpo Shares Flirty Photo Of Herself Underneath The Eiffel Tower While Visiting Paris

Olivia Culpo's fans have been absolutely spoiled with the content the star has been putting out on Instagram. From Jamaican bikini shots to glamorous Paris pics, there's no telling what the former Miss Universe is going to surprise her followers with next. Olivia Culpo, who has already posted pictures featuring the Eiffel Tower twice this week, is serving up another look near the famous monument.

The beauty queen wears a chic black beret with circle detailing and black turtleneck. Black leather pants and a beige handbag complete the look, as Culpo makes a kissing face toward the camera.

Some commenters pointed out the supposed absurdity of the outfit. The temperature in Paris is still quite warm, with the average temperature today being in the mid-60s. But if the model chooses to sacrifice total comfort for fashion, so be it. She's used to wearing extremely warm outfits in high temperatures. In fact, the star shared a photo of her sweltering in a wedding dress on set in Jamaica just days ago.

While some critics may point out the strangeness of the outfit it seems that Olivia doesn't seem to mind as she chows down on a yummy-looking sandwich in the city of love. She captioned the photo, "Being French BRB." Between her amazing beauty and witty captions, no one has to wonder why the star has amassed over 3.2 million followers.

Olivia Culpo's fashion style has been praised by people in the last few months. The star has a killer body and she loves showing it off, as she is known to wear everything from pin-up style bikinis to thigh-high boots.

Her Paris looks are, as predicted, exceptionally stunning. Culpo isn't afraid to show some leg and has posted numerous photos showcasing her French outfits.

The superstar is in France for Paris Fashion Week, so it makes sense that Culpo is proving the validity of her attention to such an iconic week in the fashion industry. Paris Fashion Week begins on Tuesday, September 25. While it hasn't been confirmed that Culpo will be walking in any shows at this time, it is still basically a guarantee that she will be in attendance to at least a few well-known names in the industry.

Olivia Culpo doesn't even need to walk in fashion shows to be known as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. The former Miss Universe now stars on Model Squad, and with her effortless beauty, it's easy to understand why.