'General Hospital' Fans Are Shipping Maxie And Michael Together, Nudge Writers To Pair Them Up

Kirsten Storms and Chad Duell have had a few scenes together on General Hospital lately and viewers are really enjoying the pairing. Maxie and Michael have always been friendly, but never anything more than that, but some fans are starting to embrace the idea of the two of them together romantically.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now that Maxie and Peter will probably start a romance at some point, even though General Hospital fans have been pretty resistant to this idea. However, any time that Kirsten Storms and Chad Duell act in a scene together these days, viewers go wild over the possibilities there.

During Thursday's show, Michael and Maxie spent some time together as he held baby James and they both talked about the losses they've endured. Both General Hospital characters have been through a lot, and viewers love how they've started to lean on one another during this difficult time.

While it may be that Maxie and Michael are just friends, fans across social media are starting to root for more than that and it looks like the support for this idea is growing by leaps and bounds. It looks like they've already been dubbed "Mixie" and while it may be something of an unexpected pairing, viewers seem to be ready to embrace it.

General Hospital has moved forward fairly slowly when it comes to Maxie and the idea of a new romance. The possibility of putting her with Peter has clearly been on the minds of the writers for months, but it's just been in recent weeks that it looked like they were ready to go down that path.

It may be that the show is intent on exploring that pairing of Maxie and Peter no matter what the fans think. However, by the looks of the "Mixie" fans, the writers and others behind the show might want to step back and reconsider this.

Even if Michael and Maxie never become more than friends, it looks like General Hospital fans love watching Kirsten and Chad together and want to see more of the two of them sharing scenes. Could "Mixie" be the next big super couple for the soap, or should Maxie and Michael keep pursuing love in other directions?

Those behind General Hospital clearly see a hint of something there, since Kirsten Storms and Chad Duell are working together regularly now when they didn't very often previously. However, it'll take some time yet to see if fans get their wish when it comes to this possible love match between Maxie and Michael.