Meghan McCain Shares Touching Screenshot To Instagram, Says 'Death Of A Beloved Is An Amputation'

Meghan McCain, the co-host of The View and a daughter mourning her father, the late Senator John McCain, took to Instagram earlier today to share a sad and touching message.

Having taken some time off from her hosting duties of the ABC News television program -- presumably in observance of the passing of her father, with whom she shared a very close relationship -- Meghan McCain has been somewhat silent since the loss.

Today's social media posting by the feisty Republican TV personality was both philosophical and bittersweet, a simple screenshot that says so much about the relationship that she clearly shared with her father.

"The death of a beloved is an amputation. - C.S. Lewis," McCain captioned the still image, which is a picture of a phone call being placed by an iPhone.

The call time reads 53:51 as having elapsed, and in larger font above, "Dad" is clearly legible. The photograph brings to mind all of the conversations we may -- or may not -- have had with our own loved ones. For Meghan, and others who have gone through the agony of familial loss, it seems likely that the message is one of sad but appreciative remembrance -- the good times. For others, it may be a stark reminder that they have been negligent in calling their own family and best of friends.

Meghan McCain made headlines earlier in the month, during her father's funeral on September 1, People details. Sparing little love for a man and an administration that had an acrimonious relationship with her father, President Donald Trump, McCain made a passionate speech rebuking his approach to government.
"The America of John McCain is generous and welcoming and bold. She is resourceful and confident and secure. She meets her responsibilities, She speaks quietly because she is strong. America does not boast because she has no need to. The America of John McCain has no need to be great again because America was always great."
Targeting Trump's mantra and campaign slogan and substituting a version championed both by herself and her father, McCain continued to at once compliment the late senator while castigating the current president.

"We live in an era where we knock down old American heroes for all their imperfections. When no leader wants to admit to fault or failure. You were an exception, and you gave us an ideal to strive for. Look, I know you can see this gathering here in this cathedral. The nation is here to remember you."

For his part, President Trump did offer a professionally worded tweet in sympathy for the passing of Sen. John McCain, despite their mercurial meetings in the past. At odds on nearly every political topic -- from healthcare to foreign policy -- it was obvious that the two political adversaries never could see eye to eye, as elaborated upon by Fox News.