'Big Brother 20' Sam Bledsoe Says Tyler Crispen Chose Angela Because She Has Abs And They're 'Both Really Tan'

Big Brother star Sam Bledsoe just learned the hard way that her one-time ally, Tyler Crispen, didn't have her back. The Season 20 evictee, who had a rough week that included a bedtime rant and threat to remove herself from the Big Brother house, still doesn't know the details of Crispen's Level 6 alliance with Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans, but she does know that he betrayed her after making a Final 2 deal with her via a pinky swear.

In a post-eviction interview with TV Guide, Bledsoe said she is most upset with herself because she ignored her instincts a few weeks ago when she started to feel that Tyler had shifted. The 27-year-old welder also weighed in on why she thinks Tyler Crispen didn't follow through on their Final 2 deal, pointing to his distracting showmance with Angela Rummans.

"Because Angela has abs and they are both really tan."
In a separate interview, Bledsoe told Parade that while she questions Crispen, she knows he is playing the Big Brother game.
"I still see Tyler as a young man with questionable morals, but he is very good at playing this game. I commend him for that."
Tyler Crispen repeatedly told Sam Bledsoe to trust him throughout the Big Brother game, but now that she has been voted out, she admits that trust has been broken.

"No, I don't trust him," Bledsoe told Entertainment Weekly. "But I don't feel any differently towards him as a person, as another human being. I see now the difference in what people mean when they say it is not personal, it is just a game."

CBS | Sonja Flemming

In the end, Sam Bledsoe is most proud of the game move she made on her own when she defiantly gave Bayleigh Dayton her vote even though Tyler told her not to vote for her. The rogue vote had the entire house buzzing.

"I made up my own mind," Bledsoe said. "I didn't vote the way Tyler wanted me to, I voted how I wanted and disregarded all consequences."

And in hindsight, Bledsoe says her worst game move was making a deal with Crispen so early in the game.

"My worst move was making an alliance with Tyler on Day 3 before I knew what I was getting myself into," Bledsoe admitted to EW. "I wish I had made no alliances until Week 3 or 4."

Sam Bledsoe joins the Big Brother jury where she will help crown the winner of Season 20 on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Big Brother airs on CBS.