'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava Reaches Out & Reacts Strongly, Julian Warns Jason, & Jordan Cautions Sonny

Viewers have a lot to look forward to with Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that Ava and Kiki's relationship will take another hit, and that Jason is facing a tough question from Julian. Sonny is scrambling as Jordan and Margaux keep digging and Wiley may have an issue with his heart that could lead to the truth emerging.

As fans have seen this week, Kiki slapped her mother Ava during an intense battle and it left everybody who witnessed it stunned. Nina tried to talk some sense into Ava, but due to the difficult history between these two, Ava resisted hearing what Nina had to say.

General Hospital spoilers suggest, however, that Ava will reconsider the idea of cutting Kiki out of her life and she'll go pay her a visit. The preview shared via Twitter shows Ava passionately telling her brother Julian that she's not about to lose her daughter over the likes of someone like Griffin -- and it seems it's at this point that she'll leave Charlie's and head to her daughter's place.

Unfortunately, Ava is not going to like what she sees at Kiki's place. Due to the broken air conditioning, Griffin and Kiki are hanging out and are relatively scantily clad. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava will show up at Kiki's door, seemingly ready to apologize, but seeing Kiki in a sexy camisole and Griffin all hot and sweaty in the apartment will spark an intense reaction from her.

Many fans are convinced that all of this is building up to the twist of Kiki really being Nina's biological daughter rather than Ava's. Despite the sudden appearance of Sasha earlier this week, as detailed previously by the Inquisitr, General Hospital spoilers do tease that viewers might be right on this front. However, it'll probably take a while to play out yet.

Thursday's episode will also show Julian questioning Jason. He'll ask if Jason loves Sam enough to avoid pulling her back into his world of drama. Jason and Sam have not reunited as of yet, nor have they decided whether to go down that path again. However, Julian will probably want to take this opportunity to say his piece before any sort of reunion takes shape.

Jordan and Margaux are continuing to investigate the situation regarding the dead body at Charlie's. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jordan will warn Sonny that the walls are closing in, and while he surely won't feel intimidated by Jordan, he'll likely be anxious to talk with Jason about how to handle this mess.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Mike will have a surprise for Sonny and previews show that Mike will talk with Stella about needing her help, the Inquisitr detailed. Mike seems to feel ready to move to an assisted care facility, and he wants Stella to help him convince Sonny that it's time.

Viewers will also see more regarding Wiley and his possible heart issue. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lucas will get more information about what the doctor found -- and this will have him worried. Fans are already buzzing about how this might open the door to a reunion with Michael, since Michael also had a heart issue as a baby.

Carly will be feeling curious over something, and fans wonder if she'll be the one to make the connection about Wiley really being Jonah. General Hospital spoilers hint that things are going to be getting juicy as these storylines move forward, and fans won't want to miss where things head next.