Tour Bus Crash In California Leaves Eight Dead, 42 Hurt

Yucaipa, CA – A tour bus crash has left eight people dead and 42 injured Sunday. The tour bus had gone out of control on a Southern California mountain road after it struck a car and flipped, plowing into a pickup truck.

The tour bus crash happened around 6:30 pm about two hours drive from Los Angeles, leaving State Route 38 littered with debris. The tour bus came to a stop sideways across the two lanes with its front end crushed. California Highway Patrol spokesman Mario Lopez said Emergency crews freed passengers who were trapped in the tour bus bound for Tijuana, Mexico,.

This comes less than a month after rapper Rick Ross crashed a Rolls Royce after a drive-by shooting, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Authorities had a difficult time getting an accurate count of the injured or dead due to the terrain. Lopez said the death toll could have been 10, though only eight could be confirmed.

California Department of Transportation spokeswoman Michelle Profant commented on the apparent carnage:

“It’s really a mess up there with body parts.”

InterBus Tours manager Jordi Garcia said his company ran Sunday’s trip. According to Yahoo News, Garcia reports that 38 people departed Tijuana at 5 am for a day of skiing at Big Bear. He adds:

“The information that we have is that the bus’ brakes failed and the accident occurred.”

The tour bus driver, who survived the chaos, stated that the tour bus had lost its brakes going down a mountain road. As he struggled with the brake failure, the tour bus rear-ended a sedan, and then hit a pickup truck with a trailer. According to CNN, the tour bus company had been accident free for the previous two years. Their video report is below.

In Vancouver, according to The Inquisitr, a clothing store building isn’t so lucky, as it has suffered 10 cars crashing into it in spite of pleas to the city.

This California tour bus crash could be your friendly reminder to get your brakes checked before you head up or down a mountain.