Machine Gun Kelly Slips Punch From Angry Fan

Machine Gun Kelly was reminded once again that he's going to have to roll with the punches that come by beefing with a rap legend like Eminem - after he came face to face with a fan who took a swing at him during a show in North Carolina on Tuesday night, September 18.

MGK was met by a mixed reaction from a Greensboro Coliseum crowd that in large part was in attendance to see Fall Out Boy headline their MANIA Tour. While the atmosphere proved to be electric with most cheering along during his opening set, footage shot by a number of ticketholders revealed the presence of those who were bent on heckling the 28-year-old Bad Boy rapper. TMZ reports that at one point Kelly was even confronted by a man who proceeded to shout him down and put a finger in his face.

The incident unfolded during MGK's performance of the song "LOCO" off of his forthcoming EP, Binge. As Kelly recited the brazen lyrics on the edge of the stage a burly man ascended forth from beside a woman who had her middle finger lifted up in the air. All the while he was being chastised, Kelly appeared unphased, although he did flinch when the offender launched a closed fist towards his crotch area.

News of the stage front confrontation follows a weekend during which an actor by the name of Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez accused Machine Gun Kelly of having him attacked by an entourage in Atlanta. According to what Rodriguez told WSB-TV, Kelly allegedly sighted him inside of a Buckhead hotel and directed his people to attack sometime after they got into a barroom dispute over the rapper's disrespect of Eminem's daughter, Hailie.

MGK and Eminem have been embroiled in a feud that has been dominating headlines since the former released his "Rap Devil" diss record in response to shots Em took at him on Kamikaze. Eminem would eventually clap back at MGK with his own scathing slights on Killshot, but despite the passion both men have put behind retorts that can reportedly be traced back to a 2012 tweet, many are questioning the validity of their rift, as earlier reported by the Inquisitr.

Seeing how Machine Gun Kelly was quick to announce the release of a new project to cap the week off, many are skeptical about the timing of Kelly's intense encounter with the Greensboro fan. But whether or not the incident was staged, the motion delivered below the rapper's belt undeniably came too close for comfort.