The Sun-maid Raisins girl gets some work done

The iconic packaging artwork on Sun-Maid Raisins has been static since 1915, and the Sun-Maid Girl’s total makeover in some TV spots is sparking a weird amount of unease in the population.

The original Sun-Maid girl, Lorraine Collett Petersen, has a bit of backstory on the Sun-Maid website:

In May 1915, she was discovered drying her black hair curls in the sunny backyard of her parents’ home in Fresno, California. She was then asked to pose for a painting while holding a basket tray of fresh grapes.

Lovely. But later for you, Lorraine, we’ve got a Sim Sun-Maid girl now. In a commercial shot not far from Uncanny Valley, the new CGI Sun-Maid girl is here, and she’s got tits and a totally creepy facial expression. The change was adopted three years ago, but the new Sun-Maid girl is only garnering media feedback now.

New Sun-Maid girl lost the flowy top, and there’s talk of sticking her in ads where she’ll do other things “modern women” do like “going to the gym, shopping at the market, and speaking multiple languages.” (Note to Sun-Maid, you may want to do more market research.) If you’re one of the people not pleased with the Sun-Maid girl’s new look, all is not lost. The original picture is not going to be removed from packaging, and the new chick’ is only going to be in ads, like this one: