Texas Father And Son Caught On Video Allegedly Killing Neighbor Over Trash

A Texas father and son allegedly shot and killed a neighbor over a trash dispute, and video of the event, taken by the victim's girlfriend, has been released to the media.

Back on September 1, as The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported at the time, John Miller, 67, and his 31-year-old son, Michael Miller, got into a dispute with neighbor Aaron Howard. Authorities say that Howard went into the alley behind his home to dispose of his trash, where he was confronted by the older Miller, who was armed with a handgun.

According to a statement from the Abilene Police Department on Facebook, the men had been having a dispute about trash that had been brewing for "several days," although it's not clear why.

As the men argued back and forth, "things escalated," say the police, and Howard went into his home to retrieve a baseball bat while the younger Miller went into his home to retrieve a shotgun. Then, shots were fired, allegedly by the elder Miller.

"Ultimately, the deceased was shot and killed."
John Miller was taken to jail and held on $25,000 bond; he is expected to be charged with murder. Also taken downtown was the younger Miller, who is currently being held without bail. He is expected to be charged with murder as well.
Though this crime took place nearly three weeks ago, new -- and damning -- video evidence has emerged. That's because the victim's girlfriend, identified as Kara Box, recorded video of the confrontation on her cell phone, and released it to Abilene TV station KTXS-TV.
"People deserve to know what actually happened and you know they deserve to know John and Michael Miller are murderers."
Box says that as the men were arguing, she tried to intervene. Her voice is clearly distinguishable during the altercation, and her testimony matches that of the video provided.
"You can see that I stepped in between them and I said, 'you're not going to shoot my husband' then he fired past my head."
Though Box refers to Howard as her "husband," the two were not formally married.

After at least four shots were fired, Box ran to her dying boyfriend, screaming.

Taylor County District Attorney Jim Hicks says that the evidence in the video is pretty damning.

"Video evidence like this is always graphic and very difficult to watch. But, it is consistent with the charges."
Box, for her part, has moved out of the neighborhood where the deadly confrontation took place.