'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam & Wyatt Subpoenaed As Character Witnesses [Video]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 20 reveal that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and his brother, Wyatt (Darin Brooks), will discuss the upcoming sole custody case. Since their father and little brother's futures are at stake, it seems only natural that the brothers will take a keen interest in the hearing. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) will also have an intense confrontation.

"She's going to do whatever it takes to protect Will."
Although Wyatt has been closer to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) in recent months, it seems as if Liam will defend her actions according to the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video on Twitter. Liam tells his brother that Katie is going to do what any other parent would do in her position, and that is to protect her son. As far as Katie is concerned, that means protecting him from Bill's on-and-off again parenting style. Inquisitr reports that the brothers will debate their father's parenting skills.
"I kind of got subpoenaed to testify for Katie."

"I kind of got subpoenaed to testify for dad."

They will also discover that they are testifying on opposing sides of the custody battle. Katie has asked Liam to be a character witness, while Wyatt will do the same for his father. The Spencer brothers will once again be pitted against each other for other people's agendas.
Of course, BB fans know that Katie is hoping that Liam will tell the court about his recent history with his father. Bill was instrumental in the destruction of his marriage, and he is not exactly on good terms with his dad at the moment.
Although Wyatt and his dad will probably never be close, B&B viewers also saw how Bill humbled himself to Wyatt and Liam and asked for their forgiveness. Bill told Wyatt that he had his job back and that he could still stay in the beach house. Bill is counting on the fact that Wyatt will tell the judge that his father owns up to his mistakes and tries to do better.
"I will not bow down to their demands."
Ridge wants nothing more than for Bill to lose custody of Will. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the two will get into a heated argument. Bill will tell the dressmaker that he refuses to bow down to Katie and Thorne's demands and that he will never give up on his son. After the confrontation, each of them will be determined to win the fight in court. Don't forget to tune in to Bold and the Beautiful, then check back here for new spoilers, updates, and recaps.