Meghan Markle Pregnancy Rumors Continue As Babies Are Reportedly On Her Mind ‘Non-Stop,’ Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It seems that royals fans can’t stop thinking about Meghan Markle getting pregnant, but according to a source, the duchess also has babies on her mind. Hollywood Life revealed how Meghan is constantly talking about Harry, not just how much she loves him, but also what a great dad he’ll be one day. This is what the insider said.

“Meghan hasn’t just been raving about what a great husband Harry is, she loves to talk about how great he’ll be as a dad. Babies are on her mind non-stop these days, she has royal baby fever. And now that she’s started wearing all these looser fitting clothes with higher waists, it’s got her friends buzzing because they know that’s not her usual choice when it comes to her style.”

One of the notable times when Meghan fueled pregnancy rumors was with a blue Jason Wu dress that she wore on September 7. Due to the ruffles on the front, some photos appeared to make her stomach look more rounded than usual. Of course, that sent fans into a frenzy, with many people predicting that the duchess was already pregnant. On the other hand, some people dismissed the possibility, saying the dress simply did not photograph well.

And it doesn’t sound like the insider wants to be the one that asks Meghan if she’s pregnant or not.

“She’s got to be so careful about the information she shares and no one wants to upset her and risk getting cut off.”

Recently, there have been rumors that Meghan is having a hard time finding out who she can trust. Some people have even speculated that she’s cut off some of her old friends, while others understand that the duchess needs to maintain a level of privacy for her own sake.

Meanwhile, some people believe that Meghan is likely not pregnant, since her Australian tour with Prince Harry includes stops in Fiji and Tonga. This speculation is based on the fact that health experts warn against those who are pregnant, or wanting to conceive, to visit those two countries due to the possibilities of contracting the Zika virus.

Regardless, both Prince Harry and Meghan have been very vocal and open about their desires to start a family soon. And while it’s hard to know right now whether Markle is pregnant or not, her friends are hoping the rumors are true.

“All her friends are talking about it and hoping that it’s happened because they know how badly she wants it, she’s going to be an amazing mom.”