Spoilers For 'Big Brother 20': Newest Power Of Veto Winner Revealed, Big Final 3 Move Ahead

The competition is nearing the finish line in Season 20 of Big Brother, and spoilers tease that the next eviction will be a juicy one. Viewers got to watch a special eviction take place during Wednesday night's episode on CBS, and another houseguest will be headed to the jury during Thursday's show. A lot has been happening over the past couple of days and new teasers are out regarding the Power of Veto.

As viewers saw during Wednesday's show, Sam was evicted over JC. In a move that rocked the final three members of the Level 6 alliance, JC managed to win the Head of Household and that guarantees that Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela will not make it to the Final 3 for Season 20 together. JC nominated Tyler and Angela, and fans know that he's quite anxious to send Angela to the jury.

The live feeds will return later on Wednesday night, but new Big Brother spoilers are already emerging about what's happened since those nominations. The "REAL Vegas" Twitter account, which accurately spoiled Sam's eviction and JC's win, noted that Tyler and Kaycee talked about how they absolutely had to win the next Power of Veto competition.

REAL Vegas later tweeted that Kaycee did win the POV, adding to her power streak of winning those competitions. That means that she will have the sole vote for eviction during Thursday's show, and as Big Brother Network notes, it seems logical to expect that Kaycee will keep Tyler and evict Angela.

Will Kaycee think through her options and consider making a bold move by evicting Tyler instead of Angela? Many think that it'd position her better in terms of getting votes if she gets to the final, but she and Tyler have been very loyal to one another all season long, so it seems unlikely.

Big Brother spoilers have detailed that JC and Kaycee have been talking about making it to the finals together too, but viewers know that Kaycee and Angela have grown close as well. Tyler is probably feeling pretty good right about now, as he won't have to cast the vote to evict Angela and he can feel fairly confident that both JC and Kaycee would take him to the Final 2 if he's around.

Can JC snag another win or two now that he really needs them? Which houseguests will stay loyal to one another now that it's down to the last few battles? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as they become available over the next few days to see how things shape up before the final votes are cast.