Angela Simmons Wears Revealing Bustier And $10,000 Yeti Boots On Her 31st Birthday

Angela Simmons from Growing Up Hip Hop stepped out to impress on her 31st birthday. She wore an interesting ensemble, including a black bustier to draw attention to her curves, and a short tuxedo jacket that she wore like a dress. The jacket had a super high slit on the front left, and it was hard to know what Angela was wearing underneath. She completed the look with a $10,000 pair of blue YSL Spring 2018 Yeti boots, detailed BET.

Simmons posted pictures in her birthday outfit on Instagram, and also put up a close-up video of her furry and undeniably eye-catching boots. In the video, fans could see her giant diamond ring on her right hand, as she joked in the captions, "C O O K I E M O N S T E R."

Almost every comment on the photos were of fans wishing Angela a happy birthday, with many people complimenting her boots. The close-up of her shoes got tons of likes too, with people taking note of her ring.

The Yeti boots made a big splash about 11 months ago, when Rihanna shared a photo of herself sporting some white ones on Instagram. At the time, the shoes were not yet available to the public. Prior to that, the shoes made their debut at a runway as part of the Saint Laurent Spring 2018 collection, according to Vogue.

The shoes were controversial, as some believed they were totally sexy while others weren't sure what to think. The runway version was also the white boots, which the model wore along with an all-black outfit with a sleek bun.In other news, it looks like Angela was "bullied" into taking down a bikini selfie, detailed Atlanta Black Star. Simmons had previously posted a picture of herself posing in a revealing, metallic two-piece in front of a mirror. However, it appears that some people lashed out at Angela, condemning her decision to post the photo for a variety of reasons. Some people said that she shouldn't post pictures like that, while others complained that they felt "like a pervert" seeing sexy photos of Angela, knowing that she's Rev Run's daughter.

Whatever the reason, the photo is noticeably absent from her Instagram page now. Instead, she's been posting pictures with her friends, and helping spread the word about her favorite brands. And in a photo of herself hanging out at a park, Angela cryptically said, "Thinking of a master plan."