Vanessa Hudgens Turns Into A Real-Life Mermaid And Rocks A Shell Bra

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Vanessa Hudgens is a prolific actress, making appearances in tons of movies and TV shows. Recently, she took part in Project Mermaids, where she was transformed into a pink mermaid, and the results are stunning.

In the photo, Vanessa wore a pink-and-purple mermaid tail, a white shell bra, and some foliage underneath. She also wore a white, natural tiara with super long hair extensions. Vanessa posed on top of a rock by the ocean, alongside Kim Hidalgo, who was transformed into a blue mermaid. The second photo in the series is a close-up of Vanessa, as she blows into a conch shell with a smile on her face. She also wore a bracelet on her right arm, and held a shell with her left palm.

Fans loved the photoshoot, with people talking about how much they love Vanessa. One fan let her know that she looked “absolutely stunning.”

Project Mermaids is spearheaded by Los-Angeles celebrity photographer Angelina Venturella. She founded the project in 2012, and has since been working with models to create surreal mermaid portraits, both out-of-water and underwater. Half of the proceeds of the profits are going to the save our beach foundation, so it’s also for a good cause.

The mermaid tails are apparently made and donated to the project by The Mertailor from Florida. They offer a very impressive array of mermaid and merman tails, catering to both men and women. Some are made from silicone, others from neoprene. They all look very realistic, and come in some vibrant, beautiful colors ranging from blue-and-yellow to metallic black pearl.

Vanessa’s also been busy with some other projects, including the much-anticipated musical collaboration with Phantoms. A teaser video on her Instagram reveals that a song is likely to be revealed on September 28, which is in just 9 days.

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So how does Hudgens keep everything together when she has so much going on? She revealed to Byrdie some secrets for a successful self-care routine, and it sounds like it’s all about taking care of herself while still enjoying life.

“Knowing how to take time for yourself is so important. For me, that’s really staying on top of my fitness because it makes me feel great—yoga, Pilates, spinning. Indoor cycling is my version of the club. I love it. Indulging every now and again. Treating myself to something like a pizza—and I feel like I drink a decent amount of wine! I love decadence in life. And you only live once.”