‘General Hospital’ Recap: Kiki Explodes On Ava, Maxie Is Confused Over Peter

It's just another complicated day on ABC's 'General Hospital.'

General Hospital recap for September 19
Craig Sjodin / ABC

It's just another complicated day on ABC's 'General Hospital.'

Wednesday was a day full of complicated feelings on General Hospital. Ava, Kiki, Griffin, Michael, Maxie, Peter, and Alexis all struggled to understand if anything made sense in their lives.

Nina sat Maxie down and wanted to know what happened with her and a shirtless Peter in the elevator. She wanted answers, as General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows suggests. Maxie explained how Peter was having a panic attack thanks to Nina and Liesl holding him hostage.

Maxie told Nina that her feelings for Peter are complicated. She said that Peter was there for her after Nathan died, but that she was still angry. Nina said that she understood, but that he shouldn’t have full blame put on him either.

Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Lulu gave Peter a piece of her mind about using the Ryan Chamberlain story to try to get close to Maxie’s family. However, she did let the cat out of the bag that Maxie has confused feelings about him. Lulu then told him that if he cared about Maxie, he would just stay away from her.

Curtis gave Valentin an update on his meeting with Sasha. He told him that she is willing to disprove the notion that she is Nina’s daughter. Valentin gave Curtis a sample of Nina’s DNA and he took it to General Hospital to get tested.

After a postponement of the meeting to get his job back at General Hospital, Griffin told Kiki that somebody just ripped away the only thing that he had left in this world; that being his ties to the Catholic church. He was barred from participating in the rituals that he holds dear to his heart. They come to the conclusion that Ava was the one who informed the Archdiocese of Griffin’s transgressions. Kiki was mad that her mother is punishing him because of her.

Carly jumped to the conclusion that Michael was moving to Chicago after overhearing a business call, but he reassured her that he isn’t. He did admit that he was not okay, but that he needed to grieve on his own time in his own way. Carly suggested getting counseling from Dr. Collins, but he refused.

Carly and Michael ran into Lucas and baby Wiley at the hospital. The look on Carly’s face showed that she had a strange sense about the baby. Lucas was called to check on a patient, so Michael took Wiley in his arms not knowing that he was holding his son.

Griffin was out apartment hunting with Lucy, but he made no commitment decisions to a fancy place without having a steady paycheck. Lucy gave him some advice on cheating because she did the same thing with Scott Baldwin. She said that he could learn from his mistakes and move on. She then remembered another affordable apartment for him to look at and off they went.

Ava popped into Charlie’s Pub to chat with Julian. He informed her that he is no longer selling Corinthos coffee, which pleased his sister. But she was suspicious as to why he was able to sever ties with Sonny. Alexis walked in and asked the same thing. She wanted to know if he had anything to do with the body found in the basement, especially since Kristina was now working for him. Julian reassured her that he had nothing to do with the skull found.

Kiki walked into Charlie’s Pub raging at Ava. After her mother made a smart remark about her and Griffin, Kiki slapped her across the face and it was witnessed by everyone in the bar. Kiki then told Ava that they both need to stay away from each other from now on.

Alexis and Julian had a nice chat about Kristina. She confided in her ex that she was worried about her daughter. He reassured her that he would look out for Kristina if she wanted him to.

Meanwhile, Nina and Ava had a confrontation outside the pub. Nina gave Ava some advice about giving her daughter a second chance using her own relationship with her mother as an example. Ava was offended. Nina told her that if she had a daughter, she wouldn’t let one minute go to waste. Ava told her that she was not a mother and never will be.

This seems to be the perfect setup for these two to have a story line together. Meaning that the rumors of Kiki actually being Nina’s daughter, not Ava’s, may be finally coming to light.

Maxie walked into the Metro Court and spotted Peter and Lulu. She proceeded to ask if she could join them. Peter bolted out of there quickly after his talk with Lulu about staying away from her. Maxie was totally confused.

Griffin took the cheaper apartment, which just happened to be in the same building as Kiki’s. The radiator was acting up. Kiki whipped off her shirt just as Griffin showed up at her door. She proceeded to show him how to knock the radiator senseless to get it to work.

Back at General Hospital, Lucas was about ready to leave with Wiley when the doctor walked up and informed him that there was something wrong with the baby’s test results. This looked like this was just the beginning of Brad’s downfall and Michael finally getting his son back. Spoilers from the Inquisitr hint that a heart condition will lead to the revelation that the baby switch happened between Brad and Nelle.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Brad and Lucas worry about their child, Mike wants Stella to help Sonny to let him go, and Ava insists she doesn’t want to lose her daughter to Griffin.