Pamela Anderson Claims She Convinced Kim Kardashian And Melania Trump To Stop Wearing Fur

Andreas RentzGetty Images

In a new article published by The Guardian on Wednesday, animal activist Pamela Anderson spoke about why she is against the use of animal furs and skins in clothing. Anderson described her childhood experience of seeing a dead deer hanging outside headless after her father had gone hunting as one of the main reasons she became a vegan. She has worked for years with animal activism group PETA to end animal cruelty, and published this essay to explain why she does what she does.

Also in the essay, Anderson made a big claim; it was her actions that caused both first lady Melania Trump and Kim Kardashian to stop wearing fur.

“Today I wouldn’t wear fur, and I don’t want to glamorize it by wearing faux, but it’s still better than wearing someone’s else’s skin. I sent faux fur coats to Melania Trump and Kim Kardashian, and both have sworn off fur since,” claimed Anderson.

The claim is large, but actions by both Melania and Kim seem to support it. The Mercury News says that Melania Trump gave up fur in 2017, as reported by CNN at the time. The first lady used to loving having fur in her wardrobe. She also sent a thank-you letter to Anderson for her letter urging the prominent woman to give up fur.

Kim Kardashian seems to support Anderson’s claims through her actions too. Although she used to be a fan of lots of furry clothing, the star reportedly is now into “vegan fur,” which is clothing made without actual animal fur (aka faux fur). Also according to the Mercury News, Kardashian publicly stated on Snapchat that she was going to stop wearing fur this past spring. Apparently, Anderson had sent the star a Givenchy pink faux-fur coat, and Kardashian loved it. She posted a picture wearing the coat on her social media accounts, expressing how much she now loved faux fur.

“This coat is faux fur. That’s my new thing, faux.”

After laying out these big claims in her new essay, Anderson told the Guardian that she never expected to be a “style icon.” Though she is known for sexy leather outfits from her past roles, the star also makes sure to stay away from animal skin products these days, says Mercury News. Apparently, Anderson is open to the idea of faux fur and leather, but generally appreciates wearing “feminine, simple clothing” today. She has also instilled some of her values in her kids, says Page Six.

“On my sons’ modeling contracts now, it says no fur. They’re both vegan, too, but I never forced it on them,” said Anderson.