DLO WallDock iPhone And iPod Charger Is Functional And Minimalistic

While I’ll all for plugging my iPhone or even an iPod into a full docking station with internet radio, a full LCD display and the ability to fully dock my Apple made devices, there are times when I just want to charge the stupid thing. For those times there’s the DLO WallDock iPhone and iPod Charger.

The charger works by plugging directly into an A/C outlet and then sticking your phone on the small protruding base of the unit. The unit is design to allow your device to lean back towards the wall during charging, perfect for viewing your screen as it charges. It’s a great way to charge your phone while keeping it out of sight and more importantly out of the way when not in use.

DLO wants $25 for the gadget, which considering some prices for chargers it’s a really great deal if you want a minimalistic iPhone/iPod charger. [OhGizmo!]