Donald Trump Visits Areas Of The Carolinas Affected By Hurricane Florence Flooding

Alex WongGetty Images

The Inquisitr reported earlier on Wednesday that Donald Trump would be visiting North and South Carolina later in the day to access damage from Hurricane Florence. The goal would be to assess the federal response to the storm that hit last week. Fox News says that the president arrived in the city of New Bern, North Carolina, around noon, assuring the people of the flooded area that the American government would take care of them.

He reportedly made an appearance at the Temple Baptist Church of North Bern, where he was spotted handing out containers of warm meals to hurricane victims in need. He didn’t hesitate to converse with the population either, wishing them well and promising that they would be taken care of, sources say.

Then, at around 1 p.m., Trump toured a neighborhood in New Bern that was hit badly with flooding from the storm. Apparently, the street was strewn with trash, broken furniture, knocked-down trees, and other debris from Hurricane Florence. As Trump walked the streets, he spoke with residents, supposedly offering encouragement and posing for photo-ops. The town of New Bern is located in Craven county, North Carolina, which is 60 percent composed of Trump supporters.

After his visit in New Bern, North Carolina, Trump headed to South Carolina at around 2:30 p.m., Fox News continues. Here, he visited the city of Conway, which is near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Reportedly, he walked through the streets in this heavily flooded area as well, telling people that it was “going to be okay” and that Washington will be sending a “lot of money” to aid in hurricane relief because the neighborhood of Conway is apparently still waiting to be hit with more flooding. The president took in an emergency briefing for the area while there, and then warned the public that the weather may seem to be winding down, but “it’s really the calm before the storm.”

Trump’s tweet shown above was shared to social media around the time when he was in North Carolina. The tweet links to a White House briefing titled “President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is Providing Support to Those Impacted by Hurricane Florence” from the Department of Land and Agriculture.

Trump is feeling pretty good about his hurricane relief efforts, as this was the only tweet he shared on the topic so far today. His remaining tweets of the day were multiple and regarded current denuclearization efforts with North Korea.