Reese Witherspoon Smiles With Jonathan Van Ness In New Instagram Photo

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Reese Witherspoon was a guest on Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast Getting Curious Tuesday, says OUT Magazine. The Big Little Lies star shared a photo of the get-together on her Instagram page today. In the photo, Witherspoon looks gorgeous as always with side-swept blonde hair and her unique captivating smile on display. She is wearing a deep cut black shirt complete with thick gold hoop earrings and a circular golden pendant necklace. Van Ness stands closely behind her in a casual charcoal gray T-shirt, with his head cocked to the side as he seems to be laughing. His latest look includes a handlebar mustache atop his close-cut facial hair. Van Ness’s signature long flowing brown hair seems to be tied back behind his head.

The podcast Getting Curious covers a broad spectrum of topics, with each episode lasting 30 minutes. The Queer Eye star Van Ness conducts an interview with different specialists in various topics such as the opioid crisis or Olympic figure skating, says OUT. He informed fans today that his new podcast would feature Reese Witherspoon. They would discuss female empowerment in the film and art industry, and Witherspoon’s role in changing the way women are represented in these fields.

Just three hours later, Witherspoon shared her own picture of the duo on Instagram, thanking Van Ness for having her on the show and encouraging fans to listen. She also praised the host for his carefree happy personality and said that she loves his show Queer Eye, on which he is the resident personal groomer for the group.

“FUN ALERT: I interrupt your daily insta scroll to invite you to listen to a very fun podcast. I had the best time talking with this gorgeous human @jvn who throws love and happiness around like confetti,” Witherspoon wrote.

So what exactly has Reese Witherspoon been doing to empower women in the film industry? E! Online claims that the actress is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, having made a name for herself in the business as one who promotes stories that will empower women. She launched a production company, Pacifica Standard, in 2012 and went on to create a production brand that mattered to her.

“I set out with the idea that I wanted to develop material that has strong female leads. I wanted to make movies about what I want to put out into the world—put some good into the world,” she said.

Apparently, that production company is now her own, a subsidiary of her other company Hello Sunshine. Both companies reportedly have the same mission, which is to tell female-centered stories that can reach everyone.

“Women want real substance and premium, thought-provoking, well-made content and they want it now… Quite frankly we just can’t see the same films from the same group of people over and over again and expect society to change.”