31-Year-Old Drake Apparently Texts With 14-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown And The Internet Isn’t Happy About It

Matt Winkelmeyer and Michael SteeleGetty

Millie Bobby Brown, the extremely talented teenage actress from Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things”, looked absolutely beautiful as she walked the Emmy red carpet a few days ago. The starlet wore a blush pink gown with gorgeous flower details. Her hair, which she had previously shaved into a buzzcut for her role of Eleven, has grown to a chin-length bob. No one can deny that Millie Bobby Brown has talent and wisdom beyond her years, as she speaks and performs with great eloquence and maturity.

However, in an Access exclusive, Mille Bobby Brown spoke with youthful earnestness about the friendship that she has with Drake. In the interview, Millie admits that she and Drake text all the time and that he gives her advice about “boys”. She claimed that just “the other day,” her and the rapper exchanged “I miss you” texts.

This is raising some eyebrows across the internet as the age difference between Drake and Millie Bobby Brown is quite large. Almost eighteen years separate the two stars, and many were quick to point out how inappropriate it might be for an adult man to be giving love advice to a teenage fan of his. In an Independent piece about the interview, writer Katie Goh wrote, “take away that Brown and Drake are two household names and you’re still left with a 31-year-old man sending personal texts to a teenager.”

It is entirely possible that the friendship is totally innocent. But with the #MeToo movement going strong in Hollywood, instances like these are being looked at with a more critical perspective. For decades, young stars have been targeted and exploited in the entertainment industry. Adults in the entertainment industry share a responsibility to protect vulnerable teenagers and children in Hollywood.

Twitter users pointed out their own views on the topic. One particular point that seems to stand out is that Drake is currently dating 18-year-old Bella Harris — only four years older than Millie Bobby Brown — who he had known since she was fifteen.

Some defended the friendship by noting how platonic the relationship between the two seems.

But it seems apparent that most people tweeting their opinions about this aren’t on Drake’s side. Hollywood hasn’t had a great track record on the subject of keeping young female stars safe. Unfortunately, adults in the lives of child stars need to be on high alert for potential signs of “grooming”. Grooming is when an adult makes an emotional connection with a child in anticipation of someday taking advantage of that pre-established relationship — usually sexually.

Teen Vogue has compiled a list on the topic, featuring many people in Hollywood who have been accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Young men and women should be protected in the entertainment industry under an ideal framework. Friendships — like the one between Millie Bobby Brown and Drake — need to be examined thoughtfully and with great care.

Drake has not spoken out about Millie’s interview at this time.