Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Maxie Faces Questions And Lulu Cautions Peter

Both Nina and Lulu have concerns about how close Maxie and Peter are getting on 'General Hospital.'

Mark Davis / Getty Images

Both Nina and Lulu have concerns about how close Maxie and Peter are getting on 'General Hospital.'

General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s great stuff on the way with Wednesday’s episode. Maxie and Peter recently had quite the experience being stuck in the elevator together and they just can’t seem to stop thinking about one another. Both Lulu and Nina have taken notice of this and they’ll be trying to discuss the situation during the September 19 show.

Nina was stunned when she saw Maxie and Peter come out of the elevator together earlier this week. She was especially taken aback by the fact that Peter was breathing heavily and had his shirt off. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek shared on Twitter indicate that Nina will be asking Maxie just what had been happening during that elevator ride.

Maxie will surely try to explain that nothing questionable had been going on, detailing how they got stuck and Peter started to have a panic attack. All of that is true, of course, but Maxie has been increasingly flustered whenever she tries to talk about Peter lately and that’ll surely be the case in this conversation with Nina too.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Lulu will try to talk Peter into taking a step back when it comes to this relationship with Maxie. Lulu recently told Maxie that Peter asks about her many times a day and that she’s had to basically schedule opportunities for him to bring up Maxie’s name because they couldn’t get any work done otherwise.

During Wednesday’s show, Lulu and Peter will talk and he’ll insist that he doesn’t want to hurt Maxie. General Hospital spoilers share that Lulu will emphatically point out that Maxie is vulnerable right now, and she’ll be hesitant to see Peter pursue her friend in any capacity.

She Knows Soaps reveals that Lulu will overstep a boundary of some sort during this episode, and it seems likely it’ll be related to Peter and his interest in Maxie. Lulu does have a delicate balance to try to maintain here, as she works for Peter but does need to persuade him to dial it back a notch in terms of his interest in Maxie.

Fans have been resistant to the pairing of Peter and Maxie in any sort of romantic way, but all signs point toward things heading in that direction. Will the writers take the fans’ opinions into account when trying to develop this romance between Maxie and Peter, if that’s the direction they do head? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a lot more ahead with this and viewers are bracing themselves for what comes next.