‘The View’ Panelists Call Themselves ‘Cold-Hearted B**ches’ After Watching Emmy Proposal

ABC Television / Disney / ABC Press

Two panelists on The View called themselves “cold-hearted b**ches” after recalling the stunning Emmy proposal that had most members of the awards show viewing audience cheering with joy during the show’s “Hot Topics” segment.

Sunny Hostin remarked during The View’s September 18 episode that her heart didn’t exactly swell with emotion while watching Emmy-winning director Glenn Weiss pop the question to girlfriend Jan Svendsen after accepting his golden statuette for directing the Oscar telecast.

Fellow co-host Joy Behar concurred with Hostin about the lack of emotion she felt while watching the romantic moment unfold, as reported by TooFab.

“Why don’t they just have marital sex on the stage next?” joked Behar.

“I couldn’t stand it, frankly,” said Behar. “When he said that, my hair stood up, don’t do public displays.”

“Get off your knee and eat your caesar salad,” she quipped.

Behar continued, noting it was “narcissistic” to make it “all about you.”

“This is my rule about television, I don’t like it when people on TV are having more fun than I am having watching it,” revealing she would rather watch crime shows or drama serials.

“I was watching it like, why is he hogging up the show?” Hostin continued. “Do it in private, have it be a special moment. Why am I part of it? I didn’t like it.”

Hostin deadpanned, “I hated it.”

Both Hostin and Behar than concluded, “We must be cold-hearted b**ches.”

View panelist Abby Huntsman remarked that she appreciated the sweet moment during the “boring” awards telecast.

“I was watching it live and these shows have become so boring, they’re not funny and this was the moment that took everyone by surprise,” she said.

“I thought it was such a sweet moment, I wish we had more moments like this on television,” concluded Huntsman.

Weiss popped the question to Svendsen while picking up Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special after he revealed that his mother had passed away two weeks earlier.

Following her advice to never “let go of your sunshine,” he proposed to Svendsen, the “sunshine in my life.”

Weiss and Svendsen later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where they spoke of the big moment in a remote segment with the late-night host, as reported by Deadline.

The couple was seen lounging in a bed with glasses of champagne. Kimmel asked. “Jan, did you have any idea that Glenn was up to anything?”

“As evidenced by my reaction, the answer is I had no idea at all,” Svendsen said.

Kimmel joked, “You’re going to win the Emmy for best guest performance at next year’s awards.”

The View airs weekdays on ABC.