Donald Trump Livid Over Stormy Daniels’ Slams Because He ‘Prides Himself On His Manhood,’ Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Trump is doing everything he can to avoid going after Daniels, a source told the outlet.

Donald Trump Livid Over Stormy Daniels Insults Because He 'Prides Himself On His Manhood,' Per 'Hollywood Life
Tara Ziemba / Getty Images

Trump is doing everything he can to avoid going after Daniels, a source told the outlet.

Donald Trump is apparently not taking well to the lurid descriptions of his manhood from adult film star Stormy Daniels.

On the day that details from Daniels’ forthcoming book leaked, a report from Hollywood Life claimed that Trump was “livid” over a passage that went into detail in explaining his manhood. In the book, Daniels compared Trump unfavorably to the Toadstool character from the Mario Bros. games and said that he was very uninspiring as a lover.

That has Trump steaming, the report claimed.

“Donald is absolutely livid about Stormy Daniels’ description of his penis and bedroom performance,” the celebrity news outlet quoted an unnamed source close to Trump. “He prides himself on his manhood, and he’s furious that he’s been made into this figure of ridicule. He can’t stand being mocked like this.”

The source added that Trump is being careful not to respond to Stormy Daniels because he has denied the relationship for so long that he is afraid of contradicting himself.

“But he wants to hit back hard,” the source said.

Holding back may be particularly hard given how much press Daniels has gotten with her description. Early on Tuesday, shortly after The Guardian published excerpts from the book, the passages were getting viral attention and the Toadstool character was trending on Twitter.

The New York Times noted that the book has “few bombshells” in terms of new or particularly damaging information, but is still likely to “rattle the White House” already reeling from a series of scandals. The report also noted that it could be beneficial to Stormy Daniels if Trump were to decide to engage her or to fight back against her allegations on Twitter.

“The ideal thing is to have a book that Trump attacks, because that all but guarantees you best-seller status,” Matt Latimer, a literary agent and co-partner at Javelin, which represents James Comey, told the outlet.

The book contained other revelations, including her claim that Trump offered to get her onto The Apprentice and wanted to rig the competition to allow her to advance.

Donald Trump’s relationship with Stormy Daniels could still brew more trouble for the president. His former lawyer Michael Cohen has already been convicted of a campaign finance violation for the $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, and Trump was an unindicted co-conspirator in Cohen’s guilty plea.