Man Steals $5,000 Worth Of Victoria’s Secret Underwear Over Two Days

Now, we all love a good Victoria’s Secret item. And men certainly love buying the lingerie for their girlfriends. However, one man was caught on camera stealing $5,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear in Pembroke Pines recently.

According to Local 10 News, a male was caught on camera, over a two-day period, pocketing around $5,000 worth of the sexy lingerie. Police have stated that the man entered the store in The Shops of Pembroke Gardens in the 400 block of Southwest 145th Terrace over several instances on September 7 and September 8.

Surveillance footage shows the man, at one point, riffling through an underwear display near the front entrance to the store before “stuffing items into a large trash bag.”

It is estimated that the man has so far stolen approximately 80 individual Victoria’s Secret items from the store over the two-day period.

It is unclear as to what purpose the man would require such a large quantity of Victoria’s Secret underwear. Perhaps he plans to onsell it and make a tidy sum of money. Or, maybe he has a very demanding girlfriend. Either way, this secret is no longer merely Victoria’s to keep and police are asking locals for their assistance on the matter.

Local authorities have also released video footage of the crime and ask that people who have attended The Shops of Pembroke Gardens on either of the days that the thefts occurred to view the footage in the hopes it will trigger someone’s memory as to the events. The man is shown wearing a baseball cap, a button-down patterned shirt, and ripped jeans. On his feet, he is wearing what appears to be grey lace-up shoes or joggers. It is unclear as to the age or ethnicity of the man in the footage and local authorities are hoping the footage may lead to further information in regard to the thefts.

The man appears to first assess the situation before pulling a dark-colored trash bag from under his shirt and proceeds to fill it with Victoria’s Secret items. He attempts this a second time with another underwear stand.

You can view the footage below.

In addition, if you have seen the man in the footage, or know who he is, please contact the police department in relation to the matter.

Local 10 News has revealed that police are seeking assistance from anyone with information about the thefts. If you know anything about these thefts, police request that you contact Detective Robert Goulding at 951-431-2200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.