Aubrey O'Day Goes Topless In A Surreal Photo On Instagram

Aubrey O'Day is definitely not shy about showing off her good looks on Instagram. And her latest post is both revealing and surreal, as she used some sort of photo editing tool to create a picture that has an interesting vibe.

In the picture, Aubrey is wearing only dark jeans, as she lays on her back. Her legs are up in the air, as her eyes are closed. She's wearing very heavy dark-blue makeup, which matches the blue butterfly that she Photoshopped onto her left elbow. The backdrop is turquoise and dark blue, as she covers up herself with just her right arm. Aubrey wore her hair up in a bun, and had on some dark nail polish.

Fans loved the picture, with one proclaiming that "Each photo is better than the last one!"

Someone else wanted to know, "Do you ever take a bad picture?!" as another said "Wow! Stepped it up again! Creativity is through the roof on this one! This is fine art at its finest!?"

O'Day is on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, during which she's hoping to fix her broken relationship with Jersey Shore's Pauly D. This is one of the issues that Aubrey has with Pauly, according to People.

"This is the character of Pauly D on The Jersey Shore. We never get a break from it. Our lives revolve around the character... I have to live and die by it every day."
Pauly D, in response, said that "You don't have to do anything."

He later told the confession cameras that "There is no other person, there is no Jersey Shore character. It's always me being myself."

In addition, Aubrey put Pauly D on blast for reportedly being very possessive and controlling.

The couple split up in 2017, but the show was filmed a year ago, detailed Celebrity Insider. That's why fans are watching the two trying to hash out their differences during Marriage Bootcamp, but we all know that they're not going to stay together in the long run. Recently, DelVecchio even revealed that the castmates from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation are "so happy that I'm not in that relationship anymore and so am I."Aubrey was exposed in March for having an affair with Donald Trump Jr. years ago. It was over when Vanessa found the "sexy" text messages that they were sending to one another, described People. The two reportedly met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice.