Do You Want To Get An Online Ivy League Bachelor's Degree? The University Of Pennsylvania Has You Covered

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Have you always wanted an Ivy League bachelor's degree but would prefer to study online? Now, you can finally obtain your dream!

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the University of Pennsylvania is the first university to offer an Ivy League bachelor's degree which is available entirely online.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reveals that "under the university's School of Arts and Sciences' College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS), the new program will begin in 2019 with the goal of making a new bachelor of applied arts and sciences (BAAS) accessible to non-traditional students like working adults."

This means that it will now, potentially, be easier for those wishing to obtain an Ivy League bachelor's degree to do so. The University of Pennsylvania plans to blend their traditional strength in the liberal arts with "a focus on preparing students for specific professions" with the new offering. It is also planned to have the university work together with executives from home and abroad in order to "craft its offerings to demand in the job market."

Steven J. Fluharty, from Penn's Arts and Sciences division, issued the following statement on the new online bachelor's degree.

"This new degree is unique among our peers and places Penn at the forefront in creatively meeting the expanding need for adult education in the liberal arts. I'm proud that Penn's innovative faculty are opening doors for more students to learn and to become empowered by education. In the United States today, only 30 percent of adults over the age of 25 have completed a bachelor's degree, and with this new initiative LPS is moving forward to meet this educational need."

While considered an online degree, students will still have to attend the University of Pennsylvania, but it will only require two on-campus visits. This will help make the online degree accessible to working professionals who are looking to extend their qualifications and improve their job prospects as a result.

"The goal of this new platform is to make an Arts and Sciences education more accessible, flexible, and affordable for working adults," Penn Arts and Sciences Vice Dean of Professional and Liberal Education Nora Lewis also said in a statement. "Penn LPS Online redefines the notion of who can get an Ivy League education by making it accessible to anyone who demonstrates the ambition and potential to earn it, without sacrificing the quality of the education offered."

Leadership and communication, creative writing, and professional writing credit certificate programs are also being added to the Penn LPS Online selections.

So, there you have it, an Ivy League bachelor's degree is now more accessible to those who truly want it.