Prince William Reveals That George Is Really Into Dinosaurs

Dominic Lipinski - WPA PoolGetty Images

Hello Magazine reports that Prince William revealed his son George’s favorite animal while visiting the Acorn Children’s Hospice on Tuesday. The Hospice was created by his late mother, Princess Diana, 30 years ago, and William apparently continued his mother’s passion for care as he spoke with children and caretakers in the organization. It’s been reported that Prince William was in a room at the hospice where young children were coloring and creating art with dinosaurs when he spoke to the children to let them know his son George, who is 5, loves dinosaurs too.

“George is obsessed with dinosaurs. We’ve been learning all about them,” William reportedly said to one little girl.

Apparently, the Acorn Hospice visit was not the first time that the royal family has revealed George’s love for the extinct creatures. The Telegraph reported in November 2016, when George was only 3, that the Duchess of Cambridge also revealed her son’s love for dinosaurs at a children’s tea party at the National History Museum in London.

At the event, the duchess worked on a craft with Oakington Manor Primary School children while discussing all things dinosaur with them. It was said that she asked the kids if they had seen the new Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, which she considered “brilliant.” And to top it all off, she shared a little secret with the kids about Prince George.

“George loves the T Rex because it’s the noisiest and the scariest.”

While his parents seem to love talking about dinosaurs almost as much as he does, Prince George’s life has other normal 5-year-old topics going on too, such as starting school. E! Online reported that Prince George started Year One (equivalent to U.S. kindergarten) on September 6. He is attending the same expensive prep school where he went for Reception (or preschool) last year, Thomas’s Battersea in London. Supposedly the school’s price is around $23,000 per year per student. Prince George wears a proper navy-style uniform to his school, which is about a 20-minute drive away from his Kensington Palace home.

Prince George was born to parents Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on July 22, 2013. The couple has two other children, Princess Charlotte who is 3 and Prince Louis who is 4 months old. George is the third in line for British succession to the throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William. Prince George also bears a striking resemblance to his late grandmother, Princess Diana.