Julianne Hough Goes Topless In Her Latest Instagram Pic

Julianne goes topless.
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Julianne Hough has gone topless on Instagram for the second time this month, and her fans are going crazy. On September 9, Julianne shared a photo of herself looking straight at the camera, as she grabbed her arms with her hands. Her hair was down, so although she was topless, she was mostly covered.

However, Hough’s gone a step further and shared a more daring picture. In the new photo, Julianne laid on her back, and although her arms cover most of her body, it’s definitely more revealing than the last picture. It also looked like she was wearing a pair of pants for the photoshoot. Her fans responded positively, with many letting her know that she looked “beautiful” and “stunning,” as one fan let her know that she is an inspiration.

The actor and dancer recently revealed to ET why she’s loving being 30-years-old.

“Maybe because I’m 30 now, I feel much more grounded… I think maybe a few years ago, the applause and the room full of people and the excitement, that would’ve been really cool. But now I think I am in a place of just, like, the artistry.”

Hough is also a former judge on Dancing with the Stars, and married NHL’s Brooks Laich in July 2017.

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As Julianne reflected on her marriage so far, she only had positive things to say.

“You get married, and then it’s like, a year goes by and it’s like, ‘Holy cow, who are we now? We’re like completely different people now, like in the best way possible.'”

Her Instagram page is usually filled with snaps from her daily life, including some photos from the dance studio and selfies. Julianne also shares video clips of herself doing some daring dives into a swimming pool and a natural swimming hole.

Julianne was also spotted today wearing a casual workout outfit as she headed to Panera in Los Angeles, described OK Magazine. She wore a small white tank, as well as skin-tight spandex pants with zigzag cutouts on the side. She’s been busy promoting her new movie, Bigger. The actress played Betty Weider alongside Tyler Hoechlin, who played Joe Weider. The movie is about Betty’s life as she and Joe worked themselves out of poverty to eventually launch the infamous Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, and Masters Olympia bodybuilding contests, according to ET. This is what Hough had to say about the role and movie.

“I’m excited… We almost shot this movie a year ago, [and] everybody knows how I am an advocate for health and fitness, and just creating physically and emotionally the best versions of ourselves. That’s what Ben and Joe Weider did, and of course, Betty Weider, who I play, was such an influential and impactful partnership in the whole inception of it. So, yeah, I am really, really excited and honored.”