Will Smith Calls Wife Jada Pinkett Smith His ‘Queen’ In Romantic Birthday Shout-Out

Jada Pinkett Smith turned 47 on Tuesday.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Jada Pinkett Smith turned 47 on Tuesday.

Will Smith is wishing the happiest of birthdays to his wife of 21 years, Jada Pinkett Smith, as she turned 47-years-old on Tuesday. In a romantic shout-out via his Instagram, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum referred to his leading lady as “My Queen,” per People.

Married in 1997, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith continuously show the world why they are the definition of relationship goals. After over two decades of being husband and wife, the couple is stronger than ever and their love and respect for one another is rock solid.

On the Gotham actress’ birthday, the Suicide Squad actor, 49, shared a photo of the two of them peacefully sleeping side-by-side on a plane. Will also threw in a funny throwback photo of when the couple’s relationship was still young.

“Wow… 24 Birthdays together! Happy Bday, My Queen. Let’s Go Get 24 more.” Will captioned the post.

In a July interview with TIDAL’s Rap Radar podcast, the Bright actor revealed that after being together for so long, he and Jada no longer see themselves as a married couple, but rather something much greater.

“We don’t even say we’re married anymore. We refer to ourselves as life partners,” he said. “Where you get into a space where you realize you are literally with somebody for the rest of your life. There’s no deal breakers,” he added.

To commemorate just how long they’ve been a part of each other’s lives, Will shared a photo of the two of them last month writing, “I just realized… This year we’ve been together more than HALF OUR LIVES!”

The couple first met in 1994 when Jada auditioned to play the role of his Fresh Prince character’s girlfriend. Although she didn’t get the part, the two became friends and began their love story in 1995. Since marrying in ’97, the two are now parents to their son Jaden, 20, and daughter Willow, 17.

During his podcast interview, the Men in Black star revealed just how strong his and Jada’s bond truly is when he proclaimed that there was “nothing she could do” that would ever “break our relationship.”

“There’s nothing she could do — ever. Nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death, you know what I mean and it feels so good to get to that space where you’re not complaining, and worry, and demanding that a person be a certain thing.”

As for Will’s state of mind at this point in his and Jada’s life together?

“This right now is the best time in my life, ever, I’ve never been happier,” he shared.

Happy Birthday, Jada Pinkett Smith!