Judge Brett Kavanaugh Was Obsessed With Vince Foster’s Death

Kavanaugh followed conspiracy theories in an attempt to prove Foster was murdered.

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Kavanaugh followed conspiracy theories in an attempt to prove Foster was murdered.

When Brett Kavanaugh was associate counsel in the Office of Independent Counsel under Kenneth Starr from 1994 through 1997, it was his idea to reopen the investigation into the death of Clinton White House Counsel Vince Foster, whose death was previously ruled a suicide, and the case was closed by Independent Counsel Robert Fiske.

Today on Jake Tapper’s show The Lead on CNN, political consultant Paul Begala said considering the horrible things he did to the family of Vince Foster when he worked as the associate counsel, he wonders what kind of things Brett Kavanaugh could have done in high school, referencing the accusations of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

“By reopening the investigation of Vince Foster’s suicide Kavanaugh tormented the Foster family in the most vicious, cruel, abuse of power I think I’ve ever seen in 30 years. If he would do something that horrible, I don’t know what he was like in high school.”

Princeton Professor Sean Wilentz stated in an article for the New York Times that Kavanaugh was insistent that President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton had something to do with the death of Foster.

Foster said he had received allegations tying the Clintons to Foster’s death, and despite Fiske’s extensive investigation, he thought it deserved additional scrutiny.

Professor Wilentz says that the sources turned out to be conspiracy theorists from outside of the mainstream.

“One was Reed Irvine, a self-appointed debunker of the ‘fake news’ of mainstream media. Another was Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, an English author of a book entitled The Secret Life of Bill Clinton that posited that the Oklahoma City bombing was an F.B.I. plot gone awry. A third was Christopher Ruddy, today the chief executive of Newsmax and confidant of President Trump, but at the time on the payroll of the right-wing tycoon Richard Mellon Scaife to promote conspiracies.”

Despite the fact that Kavanaugh’s personal memos indicated that he personally believed that Foster killed himself, Kavanaugh kept the case open, even requesting a DNA sample from Foster’s daughter at one point four years after the death of the White House counsel.

“He sent investigators in search of follicle specimens from Mr. Foster’s bereft, blond, teenage daughter. (‘We have Foster’s hair,’ one agent working for Mr. Kavanaugh reported in triumph).”

Kavanaugh was reportedly trying to prove that a blond hair on Foster’s jacket had belonged to the first lady. Kavanaugh conducted a number of interviews trying to tie Foster romantically to Hillary Clinton, and also asked the first lady herself about her feelings for Foster.

Kavanaugh kept the investigation going for more than another year, and in the end had to admit that he had no more than the Fiske investigation had turned up.