iPhone XS And XS Max Top Benchmark Tests

Justin SullivanGetty Images

With the iPhone XS and XS Max now seeing reviews out, benchmark tests have been performed with tech site BGR releasing the official results.

The two XS iPhones use Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip, and in tests proved much faster than every other phone on the market. That includes their own market leader, the iPhone X, adding more than 1000 points on the tests according to Tom’s Guide‘s benchmarking.

After the release of the new phones, Huawei had a shot at its competitor, with the Inquisitr previously reporting that the Chinese company said that Apple was “keeping things the same.” These results are almost a clap back at Huawei’s comments as the latest iPhone becomes the top scoring phone again.

Androids only managed one win in the tests, which was the “3DMark Slingshot Extreme” test, one which measures graphics performance by evaluating rendering and lighting among other graphics test elements. Only three Android phones beat out the new iPhones, the OnePlus 6, the Galaxy Note 9, and the Galaxy S9+, with the iPhone XS Max coming fourth and the iPhone XS just behind.

In every other test, the iPhone XS Max won the individual category followed by the iPhone XS as Apple’s latest phones crushed the competition.


The area where the iPhones most excel against the Androids is in video editing when Tom’s Guide used Adobe Premiere Clips to take a two-minute 4K video down to 1080p. The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS both managed to do the task in 39 seconds, just ahead of the iPhone X with 43 seconds, Android phones were well off the pace with the Galaxy S9+ faring best of the Androids with 2:32.

One common area where people can feel the speed and power of the processor of their phone is the speed with which it opens apps. Again, the iPhone beat out the fastest Android, Galaxy Note 9, in every test Tom’s Guide used, loading four of the most popular apps for both platforms, which led Tom’s Guide to a simple conclusion.

“Based on our testing, the A12 Bionic processor inside the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max make these the fastest phones you can buy. Android phones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip are speedy, but they are a step behind Apple’s phones.”

Further tests will no doubt be coming, and one phone that has not been tested yet is the iPhone XR, which has yet to be released. The XR will likely generate the same results as the two XS phones as it will have the same chip, but with only 3GB of RAM it may be slightly behind. That, however, will be tested once the phone releases later this year.