'General Hospital' Fans React To Sudden Appearance Of Newbie Sasha As Hunt For Nina's Daughter Continues

General Hospital fans were quite curious to see who Curtis would be talking to during Tuesday's episode when he seemed to reference that she was his friend's daughter. It seemed unlikely that it would be Nina's long-lost daughter he was talking to already, since the last that everybody saw, Curtis was still trying to find a way to track this woman down. In addition, many GH fans have been convinced that Kiki is the one who will ultimately turn out to be Nina's not-so-dead child. However, the show threw in a twist and the reaction across Twitter was strong.

During Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Curtis secretly met with a woman named Sasha and he told her that she might be his friend's daughter. This character came out of left field and viewers were left scratching their heads over how Curtis connected with her. Newbie Sasha insisted that she wasn't adopted, but she agreed to take a DNA test at Curtis' request.

As a teaser heading into Tuesday's episode, executive producer Frank Valentini tweeted about the "new girl," clearly Sasha. This definitely sparked a lot of responses, but not necessarily good ones. A very common complaint of General Hospital fans in recent months has been that the show keeps bringing on new people while neglecting to write for established characters, and seeing another new character show up seemed to pour salt in the wound.

With the sudden appearance of Sasha, fans lashed out at Frank and in general at the show for bringing in someone new when there were numerous existing characters to utilize for this storyline. Many people on Twitter immediately noted that Sasha seems to resemble Britt, formerly played by Kelly Thiebaud. Others mentioned that if the writers wanted to go with someone relatively fresh, they could use Francesca who is already familiar to viewers but doesn't have a solid storyline in place yet.

Ultimately, many General Hospital viewers still think that Kiki will be Nina's long-lost daughter. This Sasha may just be a false lead, but so far, spoilers don't reveal any specifics regarding where this storyline heads next.

While the bulk of the responses across social media seems to show a resistance to adding a newbie on to be Nina's daughter, some GH fans are already speculating about potential romantic partners for Sasha. Michael, naturally, comes to mind for many, but it is a bit too soon to start pairing Sasha off with anybody in Port Charles.

Will Sasha pan out to be Nina's daughter or will the DNA show that she's not a match? If Sasha is going to be sticking around, will the writers be able to provide a compelling story so fans will accept her when they're already quite frustrated with what feels like a very bloated cast? More General Hospital spoilers about this situation should emerge soon and it'll be interesting to see where this leads.