'Bachelorette' Star Becca Kufrin 'Working Hard' To Convince Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen To Move To Minnesota

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen have been having a blast together ever since their Bachelorette finale aired last month. The two have been doing a fair amount of traveling since going public with their engagement, but it seems that their home base at this point is her home state of Minnesota. Will Becca perhaps be able to convince Garrett to soon make it his home state as well?

During their Bachelorette finale, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen shared that they planned to do some traveling -- spending time in both Minnesota and Nevada, where he lives, before settling on someplace to live together. They also talked about being open to other locations, perhaps even heading to Los Angeles for a couple of years.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Kufrin is set to head to Nevada with Yrigoyen next month to spend some time there. However, it seems that she's jokingly pulling out all the stops to convince him that perhaps staying in Minnesota is their destiny. The Bachelorette star has already introduced her fiance to many of her friends, and she's shown him all of the hot spots in Minneapolis.

Now, Becca and Garrett's latest Instagram posts show that Kufrin has taken Yrigoyen to the Stillwater area so that he can see a different side of Minnesota. As those familiar with the state know, Stillwater is a city east of Minneapolis and St. Paul that has a small-town feel and charm that may resonate well with Garrett. Becca has noted that her fiance isn't necessarily a big city guy, and Stillwater may well be more his cup of tea.

On Monday, Becca posted several photos to Instagram showing her in Stillwater with Garrett. She said that she's still working hard to convince him to move there already, and it looks like her plan might be on the verge of working. The Bachelorette stars hit all of the hot spots in Stillwater, including the Brick & Bourbon Craft Bar & Eatery, the Lora Hotel, and the Velveteen speakeasy -- and they even took a gondola ride down the St. Croix river.

Garrett shared some photos from the excursion via his Instagram page too, noting that they also hit Aamodt's Apple Farm and tried out some Thor's Hard Cider. Yrigoyen noted that Stillwater is the birthplace of Minnesota, and while this trip may well have been a promotional freebie for the Bachelorette pair, it genuinely looked like they had a blast.

Becca and Garrett say that they aren't in a rush to settle on a place to live, and that they are taking things slowly in terms of choosing a wedding date. The Bachelorette stars have been virtually inseparable since their season finale aired -- and so far, it looks like their engagement is a perfect fit for both of them. It's too soon to know if Yrigoyen will settle down in Minnesota with Kufrin or if they'll choose somewhere else to live together, but it looks like they're having a blast in the process of making said decision.