Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Ryan’s Outing With Lucy Hits Snags, Chamberlain Scrambles To Maintain Cover

Ryan may be pushing things a step too far as he spends time with Lucy during Tuesday's 'General Hospital'

Jon Lindstrom, 'General Hospital' actor.
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Ryan may be pushing things a step too far as he spends time with Lucy during Tuesday's 'General Hospital'

Actor Jon Lindstrom is back to playing double-duty on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that this storyline will be a wild one. Viewers are used to seeing Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin Collins, but over the years he has also played Kevin’s evil twin Ryan Chamberlain. As viewers know, Chamberlain was recently revealed to be alive and as evil as ever. Ryan can’t seem to resist pushing his luck as he takes over his brother’s persona — and that’ll be a central piece to the September 18 show.

As viewers saw during Monday’s show, Ryan arranged to have dinner with Lucy — and General Hospital spoilers share that they’ll head out for an evening together during Tuesday’s episode. This is a bold move on Ryan’s part because if there’s anybody currently in Port Charles who seems likely to figure out that something is amiss with Kevin, it’s Lucy.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter hints that “Kevin” and Lucy will end up taking a trip down memory lane, but it looks as if this might rattle Ryan to a degree. He’ll seemingly get a bit short as he cuts off that topic of conversation and tries to steer their chatter in a different direction.

While Lucy was surprised by the dinner invitation that she received from the man she believes to be her ex, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she won’t pick up on anything significantly off-kilter during their dinner together. Lucy may ultimately be key to uncovering the truth about Ryan’s diabolical switch, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Also ahead during Tuesday’s show is a difficult conversation between Lulu and Maxie. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lulu will tell Maxie that she is going to be doing the Ryan Chamberlain profile for the Intruder herself, and SheKnows Soaps hints that Maxie will be confused by this.

While Lulu had already talked about the upcoming piece, it’s news to Maxie that Lulu’s going to write it herself. This could be a momentary threat to the duo’s renewed friendship, especially after Lulu’s story about Faison and how that was connected with Nathan’s death. However, it seems likely that Lulu will work to convince Maxie that she’ll be extremely cautious about how she handles this story — and that she’ll manage to soothe her friend’s nervousness surrounding it.

Fans figured out some time ago that the secret patient at Ferncliff involved the return of Ryan Chamberlain, but the show has already managed to throw in some twists as the storyline proceeded. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this one will be front-and-center as the fall sweeps period approaches and everybody will be anxious to see how long Ryan can keep everybody fooled.