‘Big Brother’ UK Fans Fuming At Final Series Time Slot

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

Big Brother U.K. is heading to its final series in 2018 and fans were given more disappointing news when Channel 5 released the new time slot, reported Express.

The traditional time slot for the show has been at 9 p.m. but now fans will have to wait, with Channel 5 airing the show at 10:15 p.m. This has led to fans threatening to not watch the show because of the late time slot.

One fan on Twitter commented, “Are you guys okay? You have practically everyone wanting to watch Big Brother as it’s the last series, yet you put it on at 10 pm? Well you’ve probably lost half your viewers, far too late!”

Fans have complained about how late the show will be airing now, with many fans already staying up late to watch the episodes to their conclusion in the original 9 p.m. time slot. Lots of fans have lamented that they will just have to stay awake later than usual and head to work tired.

Several fans have accused Channel 5 of trying to vindicate the decision of the network to cancel the show, with the later time slot certain to lower the ratings for the final season of the television program.


The announcement of the show’s cancellation came from Channel 5 last week, stating they would be canceling the show after this season, which comes fresh on the heels of the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother. In the announcement, it was also mentioned that there will not be further seasons of the celebrity version of the show either, effectively ending a British version of the show.

The celebrity version of the show which just finished what will now be its final run aired in that traditional 9 p.m. time slot. Ryan Thomas won the show, with Kirstie Alley coming second behind him.

Cancellation by Channel 5 does not necessarily mean the show will never again be aired or produced in Britain, as many shows have been picked up by a different network in the United States in the last year, such as Brooklyn 99 switching from Fox to NBC. The situation is different in the U.K. with far fewer channels, and Channel 5 the most logical home as opposed to one of the BBC networks.

Plenty of Big Brother fans in the U.K watch the U.S. version online but had enjoyed having their own version to watch; there was hope among those fans that good ratings in this final season would have kept the show alive, but that, unfortunately, appears to be more difficult thanks to the new time slot.