‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Week 12 Power Of Veto Ceremony Takes Place, Plans For Next Eviction Seem Solid

Things seem to be proceeding according to plan in Week 12 of 'Big Brother 20,' but things could soon get quite interesting

Kaycee Clark of 'Big Brother 20'
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Things seem to be proceeding according to plan in Week 12 of 'Big Brother 20,' but things could soon get quite interesting

The Season 20 finale of Big Brother is coming soon and spoilers suggest that Week 12 is chugging along without any major surprises so far. Angela won the Head of Household, again, and BB20 spoilers over the weekend revealed that Kaycee won the Power of Veto again. The POV ceremony took place on Monday and it looks like things are proceeding exactly as Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee had designed.

According to BB20 spoilers from Big Brother Network, Kaycee chose not to use the Power of Veto during Monday’s ceremony. That came as no surprise to much of anybody, although some fans had been hoping that Kaycee would pull a jaw-dropping move and pull someone off the block so that Tyler could be nominated and blindsided by an eviction.

However, nothing stunning developed and Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela remain tight with one another and in control of this game. Since Kaycee didn’t use the POV, that means that either JC or Sam will be the next one evicted. The plan going into Week 12 was to evict Sam next, and Big Brother spoilers suggest that this is still the plan.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, it had started to look as if Sam wouldn’t even make it to the Week 12 early eviction. She has shown plenty of erratic behavior this season in the BB20 house and she had quite the meltdown on the feeds earlier this week. However, for now, she remains in the house and she seems content with the fact she’s probably going to be eliminated next.

The houseguests don’t officially know that the eviction will be done earlier than usual this week. However, Big Brother spoilers via Big Brother Daily reveal that at least some of the players are pondering the timing for this week.

Kaycee and Angela were talking Monday night about when the next eviction would be, seemingly figuring that it would happen before Thursday. They seemed to think that it was required that they are told ahead of time, which isn’t the case, but they seem to be bracing themselves for some surprises over the next few days.

The eviction is slated to happen on Tuesday and viewers will see it during Wednesday night’s broadcast. This is now the part of the season where the live feeds go dark again for the remainder of the game, so Big Brother spoilers will taper off heading into the final competitions.

While Sam will surely be the next to go, the next couple of evictions could get interesting. Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela are all feeling pretty comfortable right now, but difficult choices will need to be made soon. JC is the next target, and his eviction is virtually guaranteed unless he wins Head of Household next.

How will things proceed if and when it comes down to just Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela? Could a shocker still come before all is said and done in Season 20? Big Brother spoilers suggest that there are intriguing conversations taking place with some juicy scenarios that could play out — and fans will be anxious to see where things head next.