‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Asks Questions As His Search For Nina’s Daughter Continues

Will Curtis find answers this week in his question to uncover the identity of Nina's daughter on 'General Hospital'?

Donnell Turner of 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Will Curtis find answers this week in his question to uncover the identity of Nina's daughter on 'General Hospital'?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode tease that there are some interesting discussions on the way. Curtis has been tasked with uncovering the truth about Nina’s missing daughter and previews hint that he’ll have a potentially key conversation with someone during this September 18 show.

The preview for Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital shared via Twitter shows Curtis talking with somebody and it looks like he’s pushing for information. Viewers will have to tune in to this September 18 show to see who he is talking to, but everybody is buzzing over part of what he says.

Curtis will say that this person is his friend’s daughter, which had many General Hospital fans wondering if he had somehow found Nina’s daughter already. Spoilers tease that this isn’t the case, as the search will seemingly follow a winding path of twists and turns for a while yet.

It isn’t clear yet who Curtis is talking to in this clip. It may be that he connects with the daughter of someone he’s friendly with and has questions that he feels could get him closer to the truth to finding Nina’s daughter. It may also be that the writers and editors are being particularly sneaky and sharing this preview with what seems to be a discussion related to the search for Nina’s child when Curtis is actually talking about something completely unrelated.

The person Curtis is talking to appears to have dark hair, and fans are speculating that it might be Robin or Kristina. Some viewers pondered whether it could be Francesca, as there has been some talk that Francesca could end up being Nina’s mystery daughter.

However, it seems too soon and too abstract for Curtis to make a connection to Francesca at this point of his investigation. It may well be that this isn’t somebody viewers are familiar with, but that the connection will make sense when the context of the conversation is revealed.

When will answers regarding the identity of Nina’s daughter be unveiled? General Hospital spoilers suggest that this storyline will continue throughout the fall and viewers are anxious to get more hints about what’s on the way.

SheKnows Soaps suggests that at some point this fall, Valentin and Nina will reconnect after she gets stunning news. While it might seem like this is probably related to the daughter storyline, it could also be connected to the Cassandra situation too.

Who will Curtis be talking to during Tuesday’s episode and will this provide helpful information in his search for Nina’s daughter? Who will end up being that long-lost child of hers? General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be an interesting journey and fans are anxious to get answers after years of teases.