Jessica Simpson Announces Third Pregnancy With Gender Reveal Photo On Instagram

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The 38-year-old actress and singer Jessica Simpson announced that she was pregnant late Tuesday morning. The news came in the form of Instagram photos, one of which she captioned “This little baby girl will make us a family of five. We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life.”

In the photos, Simpson’s five and six-year-old son and daughter are standing on a sunny green lawn, separated by a few feet by what seems like a string with giant black and white polka-dot balloons. Apparently, the kids popped a big black balloon which revealed many smaller pink balloons floating into the sky. The kids look mystically at the rising pink balloons, apparently learning that they will be welcoming a baby sister into the family. There has been no other news of Simpson’s pregnancy up until this point.

According to Daily Mail, Simpson is married to former football player Eric Johnson. The family already has two children, son Ace Knute who is five, and daughter Maxwell Drew who is six. Simpson has been reported as saying she loves her kids and the role they play in her life, says Daily Mail.

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“Being a mother is the best opportunity and challenge I’ve ever been blessed with in life…Right now my kids are in this amazing stage where I’m really listening to them without judgment and they’re teaching me so much… These little innocent kids teach me so much about life.”

Not only did the Simpson-Johnson clan announce their new family member, but they also revealed that the family is in store for a baby girl, as was evident by the pink balloons in the photos.

People reports that Simpson spoke with Entertainment Tonight in April regarding her four-year marriage and two kids. The 38-year-old had stated that she wasn’t sure if the couple would be able to have a third child, but they weren’t for a lack of trying. In the interview, Simpson stated clearly that she and her husband are still very attracted to each other, which could always lead to more children in the future. However, it seemed that the star was not hopeful that it would be a possibility. That is, until her new Instagram announcement on Tuesday.

Simpson’s interview made the family’s life sound pretty normal, as far as the couple’s attraction and attention go in a family with young children. People says that Simpson marveled at the fact that the couple had enjoyed some one-on-one time that day.

“Today, we got to go on this trip without the kids, [and usually] we don’t go places without the kids,” Simpson said.

Fans of the family can expect to learn more details surrounding the new pregnancy as more information such as the due date and public response becomes publicly available.