Ed Sheeran’s Country Estate Is A Magnet For Swingers & Exhibitionists

The singer is trying to stop locals from having sex on his lawn, reports 'Radar Online.'

Ed Sheeran Performs In Perth
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The singer is trying to stop locals from having sex on his lawn, reports 'Radar Online.'

While some people in the country have to deal with groundhogs or gophers, singer Ed Sheeran’s security team has been combating the kind of pest who run ads in the personal pages for intimate meetings on the grounds of his Dennington estate. Meeting up for a tryst on Sheeran’s lawn has become a popular late-night activity for some in the area.

Ed Sheeran is said to have put his security team on high alert after he learned that his property had become a popular meeting place for local swingers, says Radar Online. Sheeran lives in the English countryside town of Dennington (population 578) with his fiancée Cherry Seaborn, and the couple is perplexed as to why their home has become a hot spot for exhibitionists.

Adults only web forums contain messages for those wanting to hook up on Sheeran’s property for x-rated get-togethers.

“Anyone up for meets with me and my sexy partner in Dennington? We are into risky, exhibitionist stuff — the edgier the better.”

Others use the websites to talk about past exploits on the singer’s lawn.

“[We] sneaked into Ed Sheeran’s garden the other week and did it on his lawn.”

Another man joked that he imagined that the redheaded singer would have been surprised at the party on his lawn.

“Bet that would have made him blush. The wife was hoping he’d come and join in.”

That person added that his wife had “flashed” Sheeran.

A Sheeran source said that enough is enough and the trespassing has to stop.

“Ed is no prude but his security guys have got to nip this in the bud. It is his backyard, and not somewhere where people can just get their sexual kicks.”

The Sun said that Sheeran bought the property to have some quiet and privacy in the countryside, but not so that others could drop by and crash on the property.

The local Suffolk police have been contacted for a comment, but so far they remain mum about Sheeran and Seaborn’s nocturnal visitors.

In the past, Ed Sheeran has hinted that he enjoys a good time as much as the next guy, even when she’s not allowed to go into too much detail about what really happened.

Sheeran was a guest on a radio show where a host asked him about a scar on his face he reportedly got when as a joke, Princess Beatrice attempted to knight him with a sword, reported the Inquisitr.

“But there may have been a princess involved, that’s all you said. No, you didn’t even say that, just that there was a scar and everyone’s jumping to conclusions.”

But Sheeran deflected and joked that it was actually singer James Blunt who cut him with the weapon.

“Yeah. I’ve been telling people it was James Blunt trying to get his career back. He actually told me to say that! I’m not being mean.”