September 18, 2018
Christian Man Comes Back To Life After Being Tortured And Beaten To Death By Mob, Claims Global Charity

A pastor called Tilak who was savagely beaten to a bloody pulp by brutal Hindu extremists and left to die in a puddle of his own blood has miraculously come back to life, according to Christian charity Open Doors.

The Daily Express reports that the man from rural India upset his neighbors by attempting to convert them to Christianity.

Angered by his supposed incessant preaching, the neighbors allegedly reported Tilak to a gang of violent Hindu extremists.

The extremists were told that the pastor was perpetually trying to brainwash local families into welcoming Christ into their lives and into their hearts.

In their anger, the extremists claimed to have kidnapped the unsuspecting Christian. It's alleged they tortured Tilak in an attempt to force the man of God into denouncing Christianity.

Despite the savagery and intensity of the torture, Tilak stood firm and refused to forsake his religion. It's believed the extremists beat him to death for his unwavering belief and left his body to rot.

The families, which had already been converted to Christianity by Tilak, later collected his body and brought it back to their village.

They laid his body out in the hut and whilst they grieved, a miracle supposedly took place.

Slowly but surely, the pastor began to show signs of life. He began to breathe and his eyes slowly opened. Those present said it was a miracle and proved just how strong Tilak's faith was.

Open Doors, a Christian charity which helps persecuted Christians across the globe, wrote on its website, "Some of the militants who had attacked Tilak were present when he came back to life – they must have been the most shocked of all."

Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

After his resurrection, Tilak faced a new challenge several months later when the militants returned to his village.

They threatened to torture the church leader and his family if they refused to leave the village at once.

Tilak told Open Doors, "I left the village with my family at once."

"I had suffered extreme torture a year ago; I didn't want the same for my family. We only had the clothes we were wearing.

"About six hours later we arrived in a village in another state; we believed we would be safe there. He led us to his hut; it was just one small room. He set a bed sheet like a curtain in the middle of the room and told me that my family could use the half of the room divided by the curtain for sleeping in the night while his family used the other half.

"He told me: 'You can stay with us and whatever we have in this house our families can share.' He was a very poor man with a very big heart.

"It's been a few years, but we are still very much traumatized. We did not have courage to talk with anyone in the new village or share the gospel."