‘Big Brother’ Contestant Tomasz Fights Tears As He Shares Homophobic Assault Experience

The attack happened during his short stint in the army.

'Big Brother' Contestant Tomasz Fights Tears As He Shares Homophobic Assault Experience
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

The attack happened during his short stint in the army.

Polish-born Tomasz Wania evoked tears both inside the Big Brother house and in living rooms across the globe Monday night when he shared a heartbreaking story about being assaulted while serving in the military. The Sun reports that other Big Brother contestants offered their sympathy and support, with Twitter users following suit. With his story, Tomasz further endeared himself to BB fans.

Wania’s revelation came following two challenges in which his behavior left viewers in stitches. In the first challenge, a “Killer Coin” chased housemates, threatening to steal 20% of their riches. Contestants ran frantically around the house, trying to escape the “Killer Coin,” while Tomasz and his partner simply hid out in the bathroom and peeked over the door at their terrified housemates. The second challenge had everyone holding a pile of coins as long as they were able. It wasn’t long before Wania was moaning loudly, followed by him collapsing to the floor.

Things went from light and humorous to sad, however, when the 31-year-old cross-dressing cleaner was talking to Zoe and Brooke in the garden. While the other housemates continued with the second challenge, Tomasz shared a horrifying experience he had during a short stint in the army.

Wanio shared that military service was required when he was younger but that his service lasted only a month. It didn’t take the men with whom he was serving to figure out that he was gay. There were 12 to 16 of them in the room where he slept. One night when it seemed there really was nothing to do, one of the men said, “Grab him,” and several of them held him down so he couldn’t get up from his bed. He described what happened next, saying, “And they lay on top of me and pretended to hump me. It was so degrading.” He continued by explaining that there was no law about the sexual assault of men in the army when he was serving, so he had no recourse following his experience, and he was dismissed with the official reason of “temporarily unable to serve.”

Brooke commented, “It makes a complete mockery of everything you’ve been through.” Zoe added, “You are such a nice person, and that’s such a s**** thing to happen.” Twitter users expressed their horror and support.

Tomasz has been living in Britain for 10 years, and says he is “happy to be who he is” there. He is engaged and describes his relationship with his fiancée as an open one. He describes himself as fluid but doesn’t stress about being called male or female. If he wins Big Brother, Wania says he will use his winnings to become a citizen of the UK.