Casey Affleck Reveals Their Family Has A Long History Of Alcoholism, Including Ben

Leon BennettGetty Images

Casey Affleck spoke out about his brother, Ben, and his addiction problems. He opened up about his family history of alcoholism, giving fans an inside look. This is what Casey said, according to ET.

“Ben is an addict and an alcoholic. Most of my grandparents are alcoholics. My father is an alcoholic, as bad as you can be, and he’s been sober for about 30 years. I’ve been sober for about six years.”

Hopefully that means that Ben can have full support of his family as he battles his addiction. Ben Affleck was lucky to have a good support system in place, and he was able to seek help when he needed it most. After all, his ex, Jennifer Garner, was the one that drove him to rehab. Casey Affleck also said that much of Ben’s motivation to clean up his act comes from his love for his kids and their mom.

“Alcoholism has a huge impact on not just the person, but also their family. So, I think for his kids’ sake and for their mom, and for himself, he’s trying to do the work and get it together.”

These are all encouraging things to hear, as fans send their good wishes to Ben for a successful road to recovery.

Casey gave this interview about Ben while attending The Old Man and the Gun press day in Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, Ben’s rumored girlfriend is making the headlines. Shauna Sexton, who used to work as a veterinary tech, has quit her job to focus on her modeling career. She is also a Playboy playmate. She’s been spotted with Ben many times now, and may be impairing his ability to get better, according to sources for The Daily Mail.

On the other hand, Affleck’s ex, Lindsay Shookus, reportedly believed the two may get back together at first. However, she wasn’t expecting a new girlfriend in the picture so soon.

And it’s not just Lindsay who’s not fond of Shauna. There’s been rumors of Ben’s friends and family being wary of his new girlfriend. Most of this is presumably because she is known to drink alcohol. And while the model has appeared to have pledged sobriety, she initially posed in Instagram photos with alcoholic beverages in her hands.

Meanwhile, Ben’s brother is keeping things positive.

“Ben is trying to put it together, and it can be a very hard thing to do. He has the kind of resources and time, luckily, to take the time and go to a good facility.”

Another celebrity that checked into rehab recently was Demi Lovato, who appears to be making progress as she recently addressed her fans on social media.