Kelly Monaco Wishes Billy Miller A Happy Birthday, ‘General Hospital’ Duo Keep ‘Killy’ Fans Swooning

Rick RowellABC

General Hospital stars Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller have had a very close relationship since early on in their working relationship and it looks like they are still quite connected. There have been rumors swirling for a long time now that they might be more than friends, but they’ve always insisted that’s not the case. Monday was Billy’s birthday, and “Killy” fans got to see some fun social media posts from Kelly to commemorate the big day.

Billy Miller has essentially no social media presence, and Kelly Monaco doesn’t post very often these days. The General Hospital stars had popped up in posts from Monaco on Instagram or Twitter somewhat frequently for a while, but fans got pretty intense and the posts have been few and far between ever since the drama escalated. Luckily, Kelly did pop back up again on Twitter on Monday to make note of Billy’s birthday.

Monday afternoon, Monaco shared a couple of photos of Miller via her Twitter page. She told her fellow General Hospital star to enjoy the last day of his 30s and she talked him into wearing a wild face mask for the photo. Kelly also joked that Billy would be needing a lot more of the face masks going forward.

In the first photo, it was a little tough to tell just what was happening. Billy was on a couch wearing a tank top and shorts, and there was a “Happy Birthday” banner hanging in the room. It was clear that there was something on Miller’s face or head, but it wasn’t until Monaco shared the second photo that fans could see just what she’d convinced him to wear.

Billy had on a face mask of some sort along with a happy birthday hat and a pair of happy birthday glasses, it seems. The second photo showed Miller giving a thumbs-up and Monaco added a hashtag about how she made him do it. It seems that the General Hospital hunk was being a pretty good sport about his co-star’s antics as he rang in his 39th year.

As the Inquisitr shared recently, Kelly opened up in an Instagram post not long ago about needing surgery for an injury she’d been dealing with for a long time. She thanked several people in her inner circle for their support as she worked her way through the surgery and recovery, and she seemed to send a special shout-out to Billy for his help.

Killy fans adored the photos that Kelly shared of Billy for his birthday and many shared their own wishes for Miller. People mentioned how cute the two of them are or how they never fail to make their fans smile, and numerous Killy or “DreamGH” fans noted that they knew they’d get something fun via social media to mark his birthday.

Things have been complicated for fans of Kelly and Billy’s ever since Steve Burton returned and Miller’s character transitioned from being Jason Morgan to Drew Cain. General Hospital viewers have seen Sam and Drew interacting again more lately and the Killy fans love to see Monaco and Miller together on-screen whenever they can get it.

General Hospital fans who love Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller as a close pair, whether it’s a deep friendship or something more, will never get tired of seeing hints of how much fun they have with one another. People would love to see Kelly return to posting more frequently on social media again, but to see her teasing Billy on his birthday and sharing it with Killy fans was enough to tide everybody over again for a while.