September 17, 2018
Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Ties, Gets New Cop Job 15 Miles Away

Bart Alsbrook was the interim police chief of Colbert, Oklahoma, last year, but when the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally took place, it opened up investigations around the U.S. into how many racist hate groups are active, and where those hate groups with racist ties were located. Once that began and it was exposed that Alsbrook had a deep and significant history not only as a member, but as a one-time state coordinator of a skinhead group with neo-Nazi ties, he had little choice but to resign his position according to The Daily Beast.

Alsbrook was found to be the Texas state coordinator of the skinhead organization Blood & Honour USA. More digging disclosed that he owned a pair of production companies, one in video and the other in music, which produced material glorifying skinhead credos and Aryan superiority. Those finds led to a website he owned which posted pictures of "racial beatdowns" that glorified beatings of people of color by whites.

Alsbrook claimed at one point the site wan't his, and that skinheads stole his identity in the '90s and created the site. The Daily Beast could turn up no evidence to validate that, however, and the site disappeared within two hours of being exposed. Then it was discovered that in 1995, he was charged with stabbing another skinhead 24 times, but the victim refused to press charges, and Alsbrook said he must have been mistaken when the victim identified him as the attacker.

Although Alsbrook claimed to be out of that life for 15 years at the time he resigned his post in 2017, that didn't explain the racist website linked to him being live and active during that time. Nor did it explain his production companies being active, or his appearance in two documentaries, White Terror and Skinhead Attitude, glorifying skinhead life and Blood & Honour. The documentaries shone a light on his involvement in the militant offshoot of that organization, C18, C standing for combat and 18 for Adolf Hitler, using the first and eighth letters of the alphabet to signify his name.

Despite all of that history Alsbrook was carrying around, it didn't take him much time to land another law enforcement job, and only about 15 miles away from the one he resigned from. He is now a reserve officer in Achille, Oklahoma, and his new employer, Achille Police Chief Christopher Watson, says that he isn't a racist and that is all old news. He doesn't feel it is fair to hold his past against him according to The Herald Democrat.

"He was involved in some kind of group then, and wanted out and the only way he figured he could get out would be to move far away. Everyone has a past, some of which they may not be proud of, of which he is not. He wishes he never had those connections."
Alsbrook was not available for a comment on the story, according to the Herald Democrat, and the Bryan County District Attorney's Office did not return any calls by the paper seeking information regarding if Alsbrook's past could impact any cases he is involved in.