Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner All Smiles After Marriage Counseling Session: Is A Reunion Possible?

Estranged celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are making headlines again after photographers caught pictures of the Affleck and Garner emerging from a two-hour marriage counseling session with smiles on their faces. According to Entertainment Tonight, Ben and Jennifer looked "at ease" as they carried on a conversation and exchanged smiles on the way to their separate vehicles, sparking speculation that Affleck and Garner may be heading for a reconciliation.

TMZ, however, says that people shouldn't jump to conclusions in regard to the relationship between Garner and Affleck. According to the celebrity gossip site, sources close to Ben and Jennifer say that a reconciliation is off the table, and Affleck and Garner are moving forward with the split.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner met on the set of Pearl Harbor and were reunited during the making of the box office and critical flop Daredevil. After Affleck's relationship with another Jennifer, Jennifer Lopez, went south in January of 2004, Ben and Jennifer Garner seemed to be a match made in heaven when their whirlwind romance led to a marriage in June of 2005.

The marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had been fodder for celebrity gossip for the past year as reports surfaced of separate vacations and the possibility of a cheating scandal involving Ben and the nanny. Affleck and Garner announced their separation one day after their 10th wedding anniversary in June of 2015, much to the sadness of Bennifer fans.

Affleck and Garner continued to wear their wedding rings and remain attentive to their children as a couple in public, giving some fans hope that the couple was trying to work things out. But last week, both Ben and Jen removed the wedding rings, and according to several sources, Affleck moved out of the family home.

While some may wonder why a divorcing couple would be attending counseling and leaving an intense session with smiles on their faces, it's not unreasonable to consider that both Affleck and Garner are feeling some sense of relief as their strained marriage comes to an end. According to People Magazine, a source says Ben and Jennifer are "working with a professional because there are emotions involved and they want to make this transition as easy as possible for their family."

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are said to be devoted parents to their three children, and perhaps it is simply the thought that they can remain friends and split amicably that had Ben and Jen feeling upbeat after Thursday's session.

[Image courtesy of Light Brigade/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images]