Kendall Jenner Posts Nearly Nude Photo On Instagram: ‘Technically This Is Just My Torso’

Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Once again, Kendall Jenner is pushing the envelope.

Right after strutting her stuff on the runway for Burberry at Paris Fashion Week, Jenner decided to give her fans a little something else to talk about — her rockin’ body. In a photo posted to her Instagram account earlier today, the 22-year-old snapped a selfie in a small oval bathroom mirror and left very little to the imagination.

In the selfie, Jenner’s 95-million-plus Instagram followers are treated to a glimpse of Jenner’s amazing body from her underboob to just above her private area. Fully on display is Kendall’s toned tummy and in the background of the photo, there is a beautiful marble wall and some white towels hanging as it appears as though Jenner is at her hotel room in France.

In addition to the photo, Jenner also treated her followers to a video. The video pretty much gives the same glimpse as the photo with Jenner topless on the top but on the bottom, instead of going nude again, Jenner opted to wear a pair of sexy black underwear.

It comes as no surprise that the model’s photo has earned her a ton of attention with over 2.3 million likes in addition to 24,000 comments in just an hour of posting the photo. Some fans commented on Jenner’s fit physique while countless others applauded her for being so confident.

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technically this is just my torso…

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“You are always beautiful!!! #loveyourself.”

“I’ll admit, If I had that body, I’d pose for $$$ & publicity too,” another commented.

“I guess I’ll be insecure for a week now,” one more fan joked.

Last week, Kendall was the subject of a celebrity photo leak. As the Inquisitr shared, nude photos of the 22-year-old were leaked and made their way around the internet. The photos were reportedly taken by photographer Russell James and they were supposed to be part of his upcoming book titled Angels.

A source close to Jenner said that she did consent to having the photos taken but she did not consent to have them released to the public just yet.

“She worked hard on the photos with the photographer and it took her a lot of courage to pose nude. So, she is furious that the pics may have been stolen or released without permission.”

To make things even worse for Jenner, many fans body-shamed the model for being too skinny in the photos. But at the end of the day, Kendall reportedly shook it off with advice from her family.

“Her mom and sisters taught her a long time ago how to unplug from social media and to ignore the critics. Kendall does her best to follow their advice and to rise above it all,” a source dished.

Kendall is scheduled to be at Paris Fashion Week this week.