Teresa Giudice Changes Her Hair Ahead Of ‘RHONJ’ Season 9; See A Photo Of Her Darker Look On Instagram

Charles SykesBravo

Teresa Giudice has debuted a new look ahead of the upcoming 9th season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

After going much blonder just months ago, the reality star and mother of four daughters took to her Instagram page to share her new hairstyle with her fans and followers, revealing she’s gone darker for the fall.

“Trying to go a little richer for the Fall,” she wrote in the caption of her new Instagram photo on September 15. “I got my hair color contoured yesterday by @giana_martino @_industrysalon Thank you G Baby!”

On her own Instagram page, Teresa’s hairstylist, Giana Martino, shared the same photo and told her own followers she had taken the Real Housewives of New Jersey star “back to the dark side.”

As fans may recall, Martino initially dyed Teresa’s hair a very light shade of blonde in July and for months, Teresa appeared to be content with the color. However, now that the colder weather is coming, she was ready for a change and returned to her stylist to revamp her look yet again.

For the first several years of her reality television career, Giudice sported a very dark brown hue. So, when she went blonde several months ago, it was a big change. That said, Giudice appears to be having a great time as she continues to experiment with different hair colors after going for years with the same look.

Below is Teresa Giudice’s much blonder look, which she first debuted just a couple of months ago.

Months ago, after initially going blonde, Teresa Giudice spoke to Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish about her decision to change her hair.

“I did go lighter with my hair and I do believe that saying now. Blondes do have more fun,” she shared.

Giudice then opened up about her past experiences attempting to go blonde.

“Every time I would get highlights, I would hate the way it turned out. My hair was never black, it was dark brown and hairdressers couldn’t get my hair color correct. That’s why my hair ended up turning black. When they would do highlights, it would turn this orange-y color and I would hate it. I’m like, ‘No, go back to the way it was.’ So, I’ve been trying for years to lighter highlights and then finally, I’m like, ‘I’m doing this now,'” she said.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 is expected to return to Bravo TV sometime later this year but a premiere date has not yet been set.