‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin And Jason Connect, Franco Visits ‘Kevin,’ And Carly Gets Defensive

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Monday’s General Hospital episode will have some juicy character interactions according to the latest GH spoilers. Things are tense between Kim and Drew, Elizabeth is worried about Cameron — and Robin is back in town. Jordan and Margaux want to ask Mike about the body at Charlie’s, and Ryan will need to be vigilant to keep anybody from figuring out he’s not Kevin.

General Hospital spoilers share that Drew will reach out to Kim during Monday’s show, and it looks like he’s going to look for some middle ground with her. They have differing views on what to tell Oscar about his illness, and She Knows Soaps indicates that Kim will make a deal of sorts with Drew over how to handle this.

Robin is back in town, and she’s had some emotional conversations with various loved ones already. General Hospital spoilers note that she will chat with Jason during this next episode, and fans love how these two have been able to maintain a close — but friends-only — relationship over the years since their romantic relationship ended.

During this conversation, Robin will be upset as she talks to Jason about a “hideous injustice” that has taken place. Jason looks thoughtful as she talks about this, and fans speculate that this will be related to the five years he was missing and Peter’s role in all of it. Ultimately, however, General Hospital spoilers detail that she will manage to find some perspective on things to a degree.

Elizabeth knows about Oscar’s illness, and it looks like her over-protectiveness is going to leave Cameron feeling perplexed. It seems that she may learn the specifics regarding Oscar and Cam’s brief battle, but Cam will be telling his mother some lies over what’s gone down as well. As this conversation plays out, Cameron will be worked up over how much his mother seems to care about him hanging out with Oscar.

Josslyn will learn about the Oscar and Cameron encounter too — and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Joss will try to apologize to her boyfriend for that kiss with Cam. It doesn’t sound as if there will really be any trouble here, but it’ll be good for Oscar to hear Josslyn’s side of what happened.


The fallout from Mike’s shenanigans at Charlie’s Pub will continue with Monday’s show as Jordan and Margaux head to Sonny’s looking to ask Mike some questions. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggest that Sonny will be coy and act as if he has no idea about any of this. Carly is said to be extremely protective of Mike, and both Sonny and Carly will do their best to keep Mike from answering any questions.

Franco has grown close to Kevin over the past few months, and viewers wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he’ll ultimately be the one to figure out that Ryan has switched places with his brother. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco will pay “Kevin” a visit on Monday, and the visit will leave him pondering a few things. It is known that this Ryan storyline is going to take a while to play out, but the signs are going to start adding up that something is amiss.

The episodes airing during the week of September 17 will have plenty of conflict and chaos, according to Inquisitr, and additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge as the week progresses. Fans are buzzing over these latest developments and it looks like the fall will be jam-packed with action.